Rest is Good...

I have been resting this week... Not that I wanted too, but because I have had too..

I finally gave in and let go of my stubbornness.

I let go just enough... to find peace in relaxing.

So, I guess rest is GOOD!

When my body has had the rest it needs, I'll be back in my studio creating...

GOSH I hope that is soon..

till then, I'll be a GOOD rest*er!


Georgina said…
Diane, the bod can do just so much before it turns nasty on you!! Rest up, my friend and take care of've got too much going for you and that creative brain will give you lots more if you rest it.

Rest IS good! So glad to hear you took a little time to rejuvenate. :) Theresa
Diane, I hope you get feeling better. Sure missed you at the Birthday Party.Rest is the best perscription. Love and Hugs, Peggy

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