Once upon a Pink Guerilla..

What a most beautiful and Magical morning!
It's a great day for a drive..... and maybe to do a little magic, don't you think?

There's enough room for everyone... jump in!

Hey, I know...
Let's park the truck and go for a stroll down main street..
All the shops have inviting spaces right outside their shops.
Let's check out a few..
Just Look at these lovely flowers...
~ Pansies * Pure* Heavenly * Bliss ~

This is so cute! Love the yellow and black and all of it's whimsy.

I think while on our walk together, we will find the perfect place to leave our gift... We have to be sneaky.....

How sweet is this.. I love the bright green :)
Do you have butterflies in your tummy yet?
I do.. great big ones?

I have fond & wonderful memories of this town....

What do you think of this cute & creative bench?

Totally Orange & AWESOME!

Red, one of my most favorite colors... Can you see the morning sun kissing the table...I love being out and about this early in the day...
If I were still sleeping, I would have missed our adventure...


Well it's Guerrilla Friday of course! And , I believe we have found the most magical place to leave behind....

This Sweetie.

Guerrilla Friday~ Random acts of ART from the HEART....


Incipient Wings said…
Dianie, I love this, what a sweet surprise for a lucky lucky person!
I hope you had fun...
Thank you:)
Oh how sweet!!!! You are totally going to make someone's day. :) I loved the little tour you took us on - and the perfect placement of your gift. :) Happy weekend to you!
Oh Diane that is so sweet to share with us your beautiful magical morning. I am sure you had just as much fun as the person that received the wonderful gift. You are the Bomb! Thanks so much for sharing this. Your act of kindness made someone SMILE.
Marfi, Theresa and Peggy,
This was totally fun! I felt like a child on a big adventure.. I am looking forward to next Friday :)

Georgina said…
Oh, you and Marfi...you're both adorable as is your work!! Love it!!


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