Monday, June 27, 2011

A Load of Sparkles!

Oh.... look who settled down for a few pics.
Yes Mr.Mac had a good talk with Puddles . She told him that the reason she was running away from mom during the last pic session ,was because she didn't like her name.. Mr. Mac said with half a grin, what do you want your name to be.. and with a shyness sort of smile she said " Naomi"

Mr.Mac said, that is a beautiful name and it fits you perfectly! He touched her forehead with magical aqua pixie dust and granted her new name... " Naomi " is available for adoption on Ebay.. she is also a buy-it-now... FREE SHIPPING on all of my auctions through the 4th of July holiday :)

Sparkles and I wish you a SPARKLY DAY!!
I guess it isn't hard to tell that I was feeling a little colorful & sparkly the past few days in the studio.....
If you were to visit my home, you wouldn't leave without SHINING bright!!! It's EVERYWHERE!!!

This is " Sparkles" I always wanted to create a funky, colorful Snowman.. not sure how well he will be
received .. but I had to get him outta my head and into 3-d form..... he is available on Ebay.

This is " Skellie " I love him.. I really do.. sometimes you create something that you almost don't think you can part with.. this little fella tugged on my heart, but you know, we all have to eat so off to Ebay he goes...

I wanted to mention a new little trick I discovered while working on my ornies.. Glitter... I love it, and I use it lots.. I think many folks like it, but may not like the glittery speckles that shed and get everywhere..
most sealers dull the sparkle BUT, Dimensional glaze works fabulous ! I think it even gives the glitter a better, richer finished look... SO FOLKs I will not be spreading the GLITTER LOVE all over your clothes and home anymore.. it will stay put on the ornie.. forever and ever...

Well you all, that's all I have today. Except :)
I do want to wish you a Marvelous Monday!


Zan Asha said...

Hello Dianie! WOW! I REALLY need to visit you more often!! I love the revamp of your site and all of the neat new ornies and DOLLS! AND, I must visit the decorating site of yours!! Woohoo, sound like you are having a creative summer! Have a Happy 4th!! :)


Incipient Wings said...

there's so much color everywhere!!!
Naomi is lovely name.
how cute sparkles is!!!!!great tip on the glitter by the way, thank you.
Skellie is adorable Dianie, omg!!
theyre so alive!such priceless expressions!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I'm loving all the color and the glitter! Yahoo!!!! :) What I love best about your creations are the whimsical and kindly expressions! :)

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!

Your sweet comments make me smile:)