Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Outdoors

I had to pop in and share my excitement! Mr. Mac and I, are going camping today!!!! I am just beside myself EXCITED... Yep, the butterflies are having a ball in tummy..
We have tried several times to go camping this year, but obsticles seemed to sprout like weeds... I knew we would eventually find our way into the peaceful wilderness.. but I'll tell ya, the anticipation has been dreadfulllllllll !

In the studio I have been working on something new and different...Very Whimsical & fun! I stayed up until 4:00 am then back up at 6:55 am to work on this new piece... Maybe, just maybe with a spoonful of magic, I can show you all a pic of my new piece tomorrow.. Then I would LOVE good old fashioned critique ..lol...

Well, I'm shutting down the studio and computer for the day, and going to stock my truck for our mini trip.

would love to have all of you gather round the campfire for spooky stories and s'mores :)

I will leave you with this quote that I ran across recently.

It will definitly find it's way on my studio wall....

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Load of Sparkles!

Oh.... look who settled down for a few pics.
Yes Mr.Mac had a good talk with Puddles . She told him that the reason she was running away from mom during the last pic session ,was because she didn't like her name.. Mr. Mac said with half a grin, what do you want your name to be.. and with a shyness sort of smile she said " Naomi"

Mr.Mac said, that is a beautiful name and it fits you perfectly! He touched her forehead with magical aqua pixie dust and granted her new name... " Naomi " is available for adoption on Ebay.. she is also a buy-it-now... FREE SHIPPING on all of my auctions through the 4th of July holiday :)

Sparkles and I wish you a SPARKLY DAY!!
I guess it isn't hard to tell that I was feeling a little colorful & sparkly the past few days in the studio.....
If you were to visit my home, you wouldn't leave without SHINING bright!!! It's EVERYWHERE!!!

This is " Sparkles" I always wanted to create a funky, colorful Snowman.. not sure how well he will be
received .. but I had to get him outta my head and into 3-d form..... he is available on Ebay.

This is " Skellie " I love him.. I really do.. sometimes you create something that you almost don't think you can part with.. this little fella tugged on my heart, but you know, we all have to eat so off to Ebay he goes...

I wanted to mention a new little trick I discovered while working on my ornies.. Glitter... I love it, and I use it lots.. I think many folks like it, but may not like the glittery speckles that shed and get everywhere..
most sealers dull the sparkle BUT, Dimensional glaze works fabulous ! I think it even gives the glitter a better, richer finished look... SO FOLKs I will not be spreading the GLITTER LOVE all over your clothes and home anymore.. it will stay put on the ornie.. forever and ever...

Well you all, that's all I have today. Except :)
I do want to wish you a Marvelous Monday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun & Spagetti O's

Do you remember being young , and it was just days until school let out for Summer break ?
I could hardly stand it.. my belly would be twirling, full of butterflies just waiting to be free.. free for just a few months.. to play , run, swim , anything but arithmetic!

My golly those memories come back so quickly when I pull up to my daughter's house, and see all the kids playing in the yard, under the warm smiling sun.
I like to sit for just a moment and observe the big smiles, the laughter and the pure good fun that the youngsters are so fully partaking in..

sPaGhetTi*O CaSserRole
Speaking of kids , summer & fun.. Kids must eat right?

And most kids LOVE Spaghetti O's ?
Well, I came across this recipe over at Mommys Kitchen and I thought ...(What in the World?) this would be a fun & easy peasy recipe to feed a crowd of kid-lets. Sure beats making 9 zillion sandwiches ;)
Before I make this for my daughter and her little crowd, I thought I should try it and get the Mr. Mac stamp of approval.. because it does sound a little strange ???..lol

Well I'm here to tell you.. this recipe is a Kidlet Krowd Keeper!!!
I served it with hot french bread and a salad.
Yummy homemade fresh fruit popscicles would be yummy??( i didnt make these.. it was an after thought).
Anyhoot, if you are as curious as I was, and want to try out this kid friendly meal click here...

Every year for the 4th of July celebration Mr. Mac and I love to put together a fun bag for the grandkids.. I will usually decorate the bags up in a fun and festive design and Mr. Mac enjoys picking out the kid friendly fireworks and goodies to put inside.
This year I have tried to stick closely to the motto " Use what you Have" so I searched the net for some fun 4th crafts to make for the grandkids.. 3 of my little angel cakes are under the age of 4..
so this cute hand streamer will be perfect! As for my 9 yr old angle cakes.. I'm still searching..lol I'd better hurry the big celebration will be here before we know it!!
You can find this fun kid craft & many others over at Kaboose. click here

Wishing you all a most wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Once upon a Pink Guerilla..

What a most beautiful and Magical morning!
It's a great day for a drive..... and maybe to do a little magic, don't you think?

There's enough room for everyone... jump in!

Hey, I know...
Let's park the truck and go for a stroll down main street..
All the shops have inviting spaces right outside their shops.
Let's check out a few..
Just Look at these lovely flowers...
~ Pansies * Pure* Heavenly * Bliss ~

This is so cute! Love the yellow and black and all of it's whimsy.

I think while on our walk together, we will find the perfect place to leave our gift... We have to be sneaky.....

How sweet is this.. I love the bright green :)
Do you have butterflies in your tummy yet?
I do.. great big ones?

I have fond & wonderful memories of this town....

What do you think of this cute & creative bench?

Totally Orange & AWESOME!

Red, one of my most favorite colors... Can you see the morning sun kissing the table...I love being out and about this early in the day...
If I were still sleeping, I would have missed our adventure...


Well it's Guerrilla Friday of course! And , I believe we have found the most magical place to leave behind....

This Sweetie.

Guerrilla Friday~ Random acts of ART from the HEART....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once there were Three Ghosts...

Bernard, the eldest of the three....

Ollie, the wiser....

Then there is Ottis, he's just a barrel of laughs...

These Three Ghostly brothers are up for adoption on e-bay.. they are sold as a set. The ghoulie ghost brothers told me they don't want to be split up... I assured them that they would stay together forever & ever & ever...
If you would like to welcome them into your home , for ever & ever then you can visit them over at Ebay to get better acquainted. Buckle up & hold onto your hats.... just click here and were off!

This is "Puddles"
She is a mischievous yet sweet butterfly. Little stinker had a BAD * PIC * DAY.. she would not mind in front of the camera, I gently warned her thrice, but finally had no choice but to put her on time out, and tell her that she will have to wait until Saturday for her debut on Ebay ...

This is the look Puddles gave me when I told her to sit in time out! Sheesh some peoples butterflies!

( Don't tell puddles, but I think I may give her another chance for pics & and her Ebay debut for Friday...Saturday is just way too far away.. and well.. the little stinker is So cute..)

I hope you will join me tomorrow to see my first Guerrilla Friday adventure!!!

Wishing you the best weekend !

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh... one of those days ?

As I meander through the always interesting path of life, one thing that I have come to realize is that, those super duper fantastical & magical days we have just would not exist if we didn't have.... OH, ONE OF THOSE DAYS !!!!

Yep, I had one yesterday... I had a FULL plate for my own errands & chores. Within an hour into my morning coffee, my phone ring- a-linging a tune,what seemed to be every five minutes, I knew my own agenda would not be fulfilled..

All a girl can really do in that situation is to close her eyes, take a deep breath, let go AND.........


Look at this little Fairy... isn't she the most precious ever?

She is my youngest granddaughter... and she got bit yesterday by a nasty, mean Hobo Spider..right on her itty bitty arm.. I was so mad at that spider!
It is a nasty looking bite, that will get even nastier.... poor little Fairy Rylie...Grandma loves you XOXO!

After having Oh, one of those days...
I thought it would be extra nice to relax on the computer. I am having a luncheon today for my Father in-law and his wife..
Why, oh why do I always get nervous when I entertain???
To help ease my COOKING nervousness.. I always turn to the amazing Tina over at Mommys Kitchen! She is hands down my ultimate favorite cook & cooking site!
If you are darn hungry and you want to cook some GOOD down home meals, oh and maybe WOW your guests, then visit Mommy's Kitchen :)

I am making Meaty Taco Soup ;) tortilla chips, cornbread, a variety of fresh melons for dessert and I thought we would have Cactus Coolers to drink.

Since my recent diagnosis COPD disease, I have sat back and thought about a lot of things. One thing that has inspired me and touched a piece of my heart is, simple acts of kindness.. the things that people do for other people just because...
A few months ago, I happened across my friend Marfi's blog Incipient Wings. I LOVE her blog it is one of my magical places to escape to and be inspired.. Anyways..Marfi is one of those people.. she gives without anything in return..
Every Friday she takes one of her magical works of art and leaves it at some random place in her town.. Can you imagine finding such a special treasure? Especially if you were feeling blue that day, or feeling alone or just having a good day, and your magical find made it even that much better!

I have "been saying" I was going to do this...So I'm taking the "BEEN" out of saying and I'm doing this :)
I come to realize there isn't any time in this life for shoulda, woulda, coulda's.. follow your dreams...inspire others and put a smile on someone's face.
I have been working on my very 1st Guerrilla Friday random acts of art..

Check back Saturday to see what I'm leaving behind, to put a smile on a special someone's day :)

Gracious..................... I was long winded ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

" Best Friends "

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday evening.
I've spent the best part of the day in the studio finishing up on this Sweetie Pie !
the other day, I realized that it had been awhile since I've created a candy container ( one of my favorites to create)So i got on the band wagon and got' er done.
I will have to say that this is my ultimate most favorite to date.. I hope you like her too.
She is just freshly listed and her auction will end Tuesday evening. To visit her auction click here.

I will be really busy tomorrow so I would like to wish any dads out there a Happy Fathers Day!
And to all the Kids & Moms... Happy pampering your sweetie :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spooky Wooky Ebay !

I have a couple of Spooky fellas just listed on Ebay! Great One-Of-Kind Halloween Collectible ornies!!~~


and "Devil Devin"

These are both 3-day auctions ending Sunday evening :)

Into the night..

Oh my.. I've had plenty of rest that really did this body, mind & soul good.
I've also had some time to reflect on my art, goals and my creative desires to try new things.
One goal I will share pertains to Ebay & selling my Ornaments and Candy containers. I have always been kinda wishy -washy on when I list and don't list, and sometimes , I would even skip a week or two..
I have come up with a goal to list twice a week.. they will always be 3-day auctions because I like them. I will list on Saturday evenings with auctions ending on Tuesday evenings . My second Listing day will be Thursday evenings, with the auction ending on Sunday evenings.
My shipping days will be Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Hopefully this will give my collectors something to look forward to, and a commitment to myself to keep busy and not get complacent.
The last couple of evenings I've worked late into the night creating a couple of Halloween ornies.. They will be available this evening on Ebay.
Thanks for letting me share my goals with you..

Now, I must skedaddle off to clean my little cottage that has been SO neglected.. EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Have yourself a spectacular day!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yesterday morning... a most beautiful...peaceful Sunday morning... The dark clouds were threatening rain... I didn't feel a single drop though, as I made my way very slowly out to the swing to drink my morning coffee and watch the Dandelions grow...

Although I felt a little better when I woke up, it still took me a good 15 minutes to catch my breath from the short walk to the swing...
I came down with strep over a week ago, then it traveled to my lungs, asthma always complicates things a bit, and this time it has really knocked the zap-o-la right outta me... I've never had to fight and gasp for air this badly, where I have secretly wondered to myself if this was the end.. will I ever get better??
I tend to get myself worked up, so I decided I would just relax.. drink my coffee and read some magazines for a bit of inspiration.

But then , what generally happens when you start finding inspiration...
It makes me get inspired & I start drifting off into dreamland with ideas bouncing off of every little nook and cranny of my brain.

Keeping in my mind that this years motto for our home is to use what you have..
I decided to try to tackle a very, very small project!
I can tell you small isn't small enough when you cant breathe..
My part #1 of this project,To create a walkway pass through for the kids and mail man to cut across our yard, probably should have taken at the tops 1 hour for the non-sickly-poo type of person... Holy smokes...
Yep folks, 4 hours later, and I have managed to raked out a 3x3 ft. space and add some very old tongue & groove planking and a few pavers..
A girl has to break to breathe...

On either side of the little walkway pass through, I have added triple layers of weed & grass landscaping barrier.. I started adding stone and river rock..
Although, I was only able to accomplish part #1 of my tiny project, it felt SOOOOOOOO good to at least accomplish a little.

Today is much like yesterday...clouds, cool air, and I can here a few rain drops by the window as I type...
I'm thinking part #2 ???

Wishing you all a great Monday and one heck of fun week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rest is Good...

I have been resting this week... Not that I wanted too, but because I have had too..

I finally gave in and let go of my stubbornness.

I let go just enough... to find peace in relaxing.

So, I guess rest is GOOD!

When my body has had the rest it needs, I'll be back in my studio creating...

GOSH I hope that is soon..

till then, I'll be a GOOD rest*er!

Monday, June 6, 2011

PFATT Breast Cancer Charity Auction

I'd like to invite you all to the PFATT Charity Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go towards a nonprofit group to be determined.

Members of the ebay group PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea) will be making hand made ornaments to hang from a 34" cream colored goose feather tree to be auctioned off on Ebay starting on June 12th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PST.

We hope you will join us and place a bid on this gorgeous tree for a very worthwhile cause. Search PFATT in the ebay search box to find the auction after it goes live.

Here is my donation for the tree. " A Little Angel of Hope Ornie ".

I hope you all can make it to this event , the ornies that have been donated for this cause, are fabulous!!