Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Forgot!

I have had so much fun this past week with Alan being on Vacation, that I forgot to list my weekly auctions on Ebay !
We have been focusing mainly on getting the outside cleaned up and haven't done a whole lot of Art. I thought I had better get this lute listed before I have to start dusting them ;)
This Sassy little Witch is my favorite she is a " Halloween Queen "

Here is another Halloween Queen, in a Cute & Funky style. A perfect ornie to add flare ;)

Trailing along in third, is my LAST EVER hand carved Gourd Santa... I found that I am highly allergic to the gourd dust that is created while carving... so for now on it will be sculpted gourd Santa's. This fellow is Springy and cheerful and a little late since Easter has come and gone. However, I thought that would not matter to the Santa Collector.
All of these collectibles are available now on Ebay :)

Now back to work for me, I have a ugly porch calling my name!

Wishes for a Marvelous Monday!


Zan Asha said...

Hello Ms. Diane!! Wow, they are extremely cute and the colors are so vivid!! I love them all :)

Georgina said...

Diane, love all of them. I have so many gourds stashed in a plastic bin in my studio and still haven't taken them out for cleaning let alone, creating. I will wear my respirator from my ceramic days while I clean and sand them...never really thought of that.

Hope you've enjoyed your honey's vacation and yours is next!! LOL Have a great week.


LLA Creations said...

Love the expressions ... you've done it again! You made me smile and even giggle!