Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Emerging from the Man Cave!

It's that time of year when our beloved men emerge from their Man Cave, and step out into the Great Outdoors!!!
Well ,why not give him a great start and give the best Father's Day gift ever! A Custom Handmade & Carved Firestarter !!! If your Dad or Hubby is an outdoorsy fella, I guarentee he will love it!

To set your mind at ease, Alan only uses the Antler sheds, no big brown eyed Bambi's were hurt for his Firestarters.

This Firestarter is now available on Ebay . You get the Custom handmade & carved firestarter, Alan has also put together a kit of Jute twine, Vaseline soaked cotton balls and a carrying pouch to keep it all together in one place.

This gorgeous, yet rugged firestarter has an old time feel. It has been finished to look as if it were passed down from Grandpa. A firestarter is a camping and survival essential for your outdoorsman. It is handcrafted, hand carved, turquoise inlay and as an added feature you can see, Alan has inlaid a compass on the top of the handle, just in case the woods get lost ;)

To find out more about Alan & his firestarters click here
To visit the auction click here

Enjoy your camping adventures!

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Love You To The Moon And Back said...

These fire starters are SOooo nice. Everyone could use one. Very handy and well built. Wonderful workmanship! Peggy