Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arts A Flutter For June = July !

Arts A Flutter For June = July ! It's true, and has had me all mixed up this month. Maybe it's because I get a Big brain fog when it comes to creating for the 4th of July. I've always just stuck a flag in my flower pots and called it good. I've been racking my marbles, to every far corner of my brain searching for just a wee little red,white & blue idea for my upcoming AAF update. There's no way I would miss an update without a good reason. Well, I was so wrapped up in red,white & blue in the brain, that I had myself thoroughly convinced the new month coming up was July, I even plum forgot it was my Birthday last week .. Gasp!! how could anyone forget their birthday? That is a day of Yum-Dilly-umptious cake to share with family & friends, newly found wrinkles to put more wrinkle cream on, and ... more wisdom under yer belt to uphold the grand-ma-ma status ! No need to fear......

My sweet hubby is here, to reminded me that I was going to be another year older;)
So I am now older and wiser and well, I think I did see one new wrinkle .... hmmmmmmm?
I guess getting one year older and wiser triggered a light bulb to turn on in my brain!!!! All I can say is YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Well why not a patriotic Snowman! Complete with a red,white & blue paper hat ;) Who cant resist a snowman in the middle of the hot summer?

Soooo, summer Snowman just ain't your thang? Well, then maybe you prefer seeing Santa on a hot Summer day, all decked out in his red,white & blues ? You heard the saying, Christmas in July :)
If you are a year round Snowman or Santa collector and really need a Patriotic one for your collection then you can visit my NEW Arts A Flutter update later today @ 1:00 pacific time.
You might like to browse around as there are so many fabulous artists with their new offerings as well. Personally, I CANT WAIT to see their creations!

Well, thanks for listening to my mumbles today, I must go and take advantage of the sunshine and work on my porch.. some are still waiting for those pics I promised :)
Have a most SPLENDID WEEK!


Linda said...

Just wanted to tell you Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day.

LLA Creations said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy :)

Great Designs!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Thank you :) It was a rather peaceful event this year, well seeing that NEW WRINKLE wasn't so peaceful..lol
hugs to you,

Thank you :)
Thanks for the compliments on the designs..I thought Easter was hard for ideas..lol..


Faerie Moon Creations said...

There's nothing wrong with bringing a little cool fun into the summer heat! Love your snowman and patriotic Santa! :)