Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art day Saturday!

We are all creative, but by the time we are three of four years old, someone has knocked the creativity out of us. Some people shut up the kids who start to tell stories. Kids dance in their cribs, but someone will insist they sit still. By the time the creative people are ten or twelve, they want to be like everyone else. -- Maya Angelou, Unknown , 1928

It is such an amazing and very inspirational site to behold, when a child is expressing their uninhibited imagination in their world of creativity.
My niece Kylie, has been working on her first Art Doll! Every Saturday I have an Arts and Craft day at my house and Kylie has been joining in for the last 3 Saturdays. Might I add... what a Joy & bucket full of inspiration she is, I have enjoyed her so much! In this pic she is putting the final touches on her doll...

Isn't he the cutest little doll you have ever seen!!!
Kylie is interested in, all forms of Art. She can dance,sing, she has a great acting career ahead of her if that is what she chooses. Kylie also loves to paint, take pictures, and is now learning how to matt and frame her own art pieces.

I am very inspired by the way her dad supports and encourages Kylie in all of her talents.
Kylie wanted to learn how to work with paper mache and clay, so her first project was this darling doll created from paper mache.

I don't think there is anything more rewarding on Planet Earth, then to see the sheer joy in a child's face, of the accomplishement of completion, of their creative vision.

I am looking so forward to our next Art Day Saturday!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hurray for Kylie! Her art doll is so cool. And boy does she look happy! I hope she NEVER gives up her love and passion for art. I abandoned it once - but never will again. At least Kyle has the support of a loving auntie to guide her on the path to lifelong arty goodness!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Theresa, Thanks so much for stopping by to see Kylie's doll!
Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment as well :)

~Hugs, Diane