Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi there, my name is Albert and I will be available for adoption on the Queens Bootique June 1st. My mom even said she would pay my traveling fees.. Hmmmmmmmm.. do you think that is a hint that she wants me out of the house?

Update: Albert, didn't make it to the Bootique.. A loving family really wanted him to go live at their house, so I packed his bags and he will be traveling across America this Tuesday ;)
I wont have anything for the Bootique update since Albert is leaving, but please check out all the other Queens offerings on JUNE 1st. .. They are spectacular!!!!


~Tonya said...

I can see why Albert was adopted so quickly, he is adorable! I would have loved to have seen all of him.

Have a great Memorial Holiday, Diane.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

It's no surprise that Albert found a loving new home already. Those eyes were just begging for love! Congrats!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Tonya and Theresa,

Thank you for your compliments.
Albert was absolutely fun to create, I almost didn't want him to leave. I will be post a full view pics of Albert in my picture trail which you will find a button on the left side of this blog.

Hugs, Diane