Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Legend of the Daffodil

Author: unknown
Each time a Guardian Angel
sees a good deed being done--
A special springtime kindness,
or a prayer said for someone..
She plucks a star from heaven,
and it floats to earth until
it blooms in all its glory,
as a golden daffodil!

I am lost in a world of magical tranquility when I wander down a path surrounded by fresh green grasses, and gorgeous flowers. The smell of the earth, and all of it's colorful gifts is spiritual.
Slowly but surely, signs of Spring are emerging here in N. Utah. My favorite of all flowers can be seen beaming bright. The Daffodil has been my favorite flower since I was a tiny little curious girl. I see bright faces when I look at them, each different, and each beaming brightly.
This past weekend, Mr. Mac and I took a ride out to the Co-op store. It was the first time I had been there since they opened a year ago. I was so impressed, they have everything a Farmer needs, as well as everything a non-farmer needs. One thing they had that I wanted so badly was, the cutest little Easter bunnies ever. I saw them ,and instantly thought they would make a great addition to our family & yard. I began secretly tallying up everything we would need and the cost. I wanted all the facts, before i presented my idea to Mr. Mac. I thought I would take another glance at the cute little bunnies, but to my surprise, some lucky someone bought them.
I'm sure they will delight some little youngster come Easter morning. And, I'm sure Mr. Mac is grateful for

OMGoodness! What is this "Cool Ghoul" doing amongst the Spring time bliss? Well, although the seasons change, I adore, and enjoy each of them,but one thing does not change in my Little yellow Studio," Halloween "continues year round. This is my newest tiny ornie. The pics just do not describe how darn cute he is. I have enjoyed creating these little Ghouls & Goblin ornies. This " Cool Ghoul " was just listed on Ebay. It is a 3-day auction with Free shipping as a holiday gift from me to you :)

Wishing you all a splendid day!

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Georgina said...

Diane, your daffodil story reminded me of having to read Wordsworth poem about the daffodil, when I was in college...I wasn't a fan of his work, for the exception of a couple of his poems, the daffodil poem and "Michael." Now that one still makes me tear up when I think about it.

Love the little goulies too...just too adorable. Have a great weekend and watch your intake of chocolate bunnies! LOL I should talk...have already invaded my bag.