Monday, January 31, 2011

Lots A Lute!

What do you do when it is Foggy outside? You create LOTS OF LUTE!!! Well at least I do, because Fog SCARES me.... Shudder......
I have a few new items listed at different Venues..

And I do, LOve each and every one of Yer Guts!!! This Dashing JOL Candy Container is a Newbie on Ebay!

Yes, Witches celebrate Valentines Day too! She has her eye on a certain Warlock.. This little Witch Ornament is also a Newbie on Ebay. Also, while you are there, check out my husbands New listings. He has a Hand carved Acorn Button and a hand carved Pendant!

Arts A flutter updates today @ 12:30 Pacific time :) Making her debut is this Bugs& Kisses Candy Container Featuring a funky little Butterfly.
Also on Arts A Flutter is this Snowman Candy Container, he is sure to melt your heart.

"Gourd Snowman Candy Container"

"Gourd Chick Easter Basket"
You can find both of these Gourd creations in my Etsy Shop!


Lisa said...

OMG I love the candy container!!!so cute,

Anonymous said...

Diane, sometimes the fog makes me feel a bit claustrophobic when I drive. We are expecting to get some awful weather here, so I'm doing my blog hopping before the electricity goes (haha). As always, your creations make me smile from ear to ear. I believe that so much of your personality is in each little creation. I bet you are so fun!

Sue said...

Diane, fog also makes me shudder. Not so bad when I am cozy inside, but in a car? Scary!

Love all your fabulous creations - I have to get busy creating and selling again, so that I can afford
some of these goodies when I see them



Anonymous said...

These are amazing Diane...I love, love, love the gourd Easter basket...too cute.