~~~~ BUGS and KISSES, BUGS and KISSES. ~~~

I have just listed on Ebay a few, Sweet as the dickens, Candy Containers from my "Bugs and Kisses" collection.

MMMMMMMMMMMM... a yummy gift when you fill it with sweets! And they are the most irresistibly CUTE Little Buggers to look at, even if you don't like BUGS!

Moving on from cute... to a Sexy little Valentine Mermaid. I created this little beauty in my own likeness...

NOT!!! I was just kidding, it's late and I'm dreaming :)

I mean from a Banana Gourd! She has jet black hair with PEEK-A-BOO highlights in a deep burgandy.. a sculpted Mermaid tail from paperclay, secured a top a seashell.

If you would like any of these Valentine treasures to comr to your house, you can click on any of the pics and it will take you to my auction. The candy containers also have a buy-it-now option.
Wishing you all a fantastic day!


Linda said…
Oh My Dianie!! They turned out so stinkin cute!! LOVE em!!
Incipient Wings said…
love the buggies!!!
very very cute!!
These are so nice Diane. I love them both. You are VERY artistic...
Caroline said…
They are all so cute! Wonderful idea making a mermaid out of the gourd :)
How fabulous these are! I especially love the second piece - I feel like that when I've had a lot of sugar! Totally fun! Theresa

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