Friday, April 30, 2010

Into Focus..

I thought I would give you a clearer view from my previous post pic, of " Uncle Vinny " He is currently for sale over at the Queens Castle Bootique.

This Sweet Ghostly Mama and her mischievous little Monster is joining the Ebay group AHQU for their Mother's Day challenge. " A Face Only A Mother Could Love" This Mother and Son Duo is NOW up for auction on Ebay!
Wishing all of you a GREAT WEEKEND!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Grundle of Halloween Coolness!

WoW! There's a Grundle of Fun Halloween Coolness going on with the Halloween Queens! First up, is this very,very SWEET GIVE-A-WAY! Our very own Halloween Queen, Lisa of Pearl Avenue Studios created this awesome Luminary exclusively for the Queens Castle Bootique Giveaway. All YOU have to do is grab your broom and click on the BOO and you will fly on over to the Queens Blog, to enter your chance to win. Oh, but hurry time is running out. The drawing will be May 1st.

There's more.... in the world of Halloween, you find all kinds of Ghost and Goblins and monsters galore. Some Soooooooo scary, they will make your heart pound and your teeth chatter..... If you meet face to face, eye to eye in the quivering dark of the night, You will know, that they are surely a fright, with the face only a mother could love........ On May 1st the Ebay group, Artistic Halloween Queens Unite present their Challenge pieces." Only a face a Mother could love ". Come visit the the artists to see what their offering up for Mother's Day on EBAY!

Lastly, A quick shout for the Queens Castle Bootique! A Fantastical,Magical castle of some of the finest Halloween artist's busily creating "OOAK" Collectible Halloween decor. The Witchy little Queens, update the bootique the 1st and 15th of every month with NEW Halloween pieces exclusively for the Castle Bootique. Be sure to visit!!!!

A sneak peek of my May 1st Bootique offerings!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Alan and I Have a wonderful week to spend with each other. No work, No responsibilities, just spontaneous play! We have been doing all kinds of fun things which include Fishing , creating in the studio and Going to the thrift stores searching for great finds that we can use in our creative endeavors.
Above is a sneak peek of some of the little creations that are coming to life, in the Little Yellow Studio. The first fella you see is a Vampire. When complete he will holding a coffin that will serve as a container to fill full of candy, for Halloween guests. The armature of this character is a plain wooden carving of a man. I suspect it was at one time a mass produced trinket for a tourist gift shoppe. I thought it would make a great armature for a Halloween creation. Behind Mr. Vampire is a sculpture I am working on for an upcoming Challenge. For this particular piece I have used two gourds. They both have a little ways to go before their completion, but this week all I have is time.....

On our recent trip to the thrift store, I came across these great finds. You may be be thinking to yourself - HMMmmmmmmm? But let me show you my idea !

I am in need of some Garden Decor and since I am frugal, eccentric and picky, I thought .. I would create a few of my own Garden decor designs.
Keeping in mind that I have not yet painted, glued or accessorized it up. This may give you an idea of what I am up to, with my thrifty finds. A magical garden statue ! All for about $3 and a pinch of imagination and an ounce of fun creative time.
I will be sure to post a pic when it is complete.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take a Kid Fishing

Ahhh, this is the life! An evening spent kicking back at the local city park, equipped with a kiddie fishing pond and super nice rocks to sit upon.

Alan and I, were still trying to digest our late lunch when Rob and Mandi called to invite us to take the kiddos fishing. Feeling a little sluggish, we looked at each other with a big smiles and instant energy. Who could pass up an adventure like that. We quickly gathered our gear and headed out. Jasmine was waiting for me with the perfect Grandma seat carved out of stone with a lush grassy green cushion.

Jazz didn't waste any time getting her hook into the water. She caught herself a little bluegill. Isn't it something, to see the joy a child gets from fishing.

A quick pic of Jasmine's prize fish before releasing it back to the pond.

Ahhh yes, now it's time for dad to teach Kasen the sport. Waiting very patiently, Kasen watches the techniques of putting a hook onto the line....

Next, Grandpa shows Kasen some of his secret power bait. Kasen is intently listening to Grandpas secrets of the sport.

Dad helping with Kasen's first cast.

In our gorgeous small town, we have some very nice amenities. This quaint little pond is just one of the amenities you will find here. The park has a fantastic public swimming pool, playgrounds, Bowery's and baseball diamonds. Since I was a little girl, this is where the big 4th of July celebrations have been held including the spectacular firework show.

The city, parks and recreation have done a great job ensuring the pond is always stocked full of fish, for the people and the little kiddos of our town to enjoy.
Take A Kid Fishing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I would like to thank everyone for their visits to my blog, and all the wonderful compliments you have left. You always make my day :)
I thought I would share with you a little of what goes on in the mind of Dianie Mac and why I have recently neglected my blog.
I tend to DWELL on and OVER THINK certain issues and circumstances until, I throw myself into a gloomy state of mind. When this dreaded dark cloud hangs over my head, I certainly don't want to write in my blog because the content that might be translated from my mind to the keyboard would be for mature audiences only and I'd like to keep this blog G rated just in case young ones happen across it.
Anyways, I am happy to tell you that I have realized that life is far to short to sit in a corner and dwell. Life is a gift.. with many,many blessings. I have decided to quit thinking about yesterday, worrying about tomorrow and to stop piddling all over today.
Sheesh, i'm glad those gloomy days are behind me ;)

A week ago I became the proud owner of acrylic nails. In support of my daughter who is currently in Beauty school, I agreed to be her model for these lovelies. Boy did she have a chore ahead of her.. lol ! I am no girly, girl. My hands show it. They are always into clay, water, icing or dirt. However, miss Mandi did a nice job considering what she had to work with.
I found that it is a big challenge to sculpt with them on, so this evening Mandi will take them off. Thank heavens, I need to feel clay again :)
I definetly have been enjoying the Spring weather, how about you?

Aside from my art for the Boo and Marketplace, I have this old fella that I work on from time to time. The deadline for him is Oct. 1st that is when I will decorate for Halloween and he will be a new addition to my personal collection. A Santa Clause for Halloween?

Well, that is what he was before I offed his head and stripped him of his clothing and worldly possessions. I never noticed until I loaded this pic that I missed some of the white batting. Hmmmmm..
I am fascinated with animatronics. I love to read about how-to create animated characters. This little fella will be my first one. However, I am cheating and using an old animated Santa.
I will re-create this into an animated Halloween character. I will be taking pics along the way and will be sure to share. Keep in mind that the pics may come slowly as this is a spare time project.

To conclude this post, I will show you Edgarcasper in the complete form. You have seen him in his many stages of creation here and there over the past year. He is ready to go on sale tonight at the stroke of twelve exclusively for the Queen's Castle Bootique.
Have a look at the new exciting creations the Queens have to offer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Deep in the Enchanted Hobigoogan Forest...

Deep in the Enchanted Hobigoogan Forest lives the most magical creatures you ever might see. If you wait patiently, being careful as to not make a sound, at the stroke of midnight a Halloween celebration is about to be found.
Magical creatures from far and near, bring forth their Jack-o-lanterns for the big fair.
Egdgarcasper and his loyal friend Knottlyfrisbee will surely be there, proudly showing off their Jack-o-lantern that they hold so dear.
On April 15, at the Queens Bootique, Edgarcasper invites all to see his loyal friend knottlyfrisbee and his JOL McPhee.