We have a Tree!

Yes we do, we have a REAL tree!!!! I know.. most 45 year old women don't get this excited over a tree, BUT I DO! Lol...
We live in a very cute & cozy ( small) home, I call it my Cottage, and love every square inch of it. However, the living room is on a smaller scale, so for the last 5 years, I have put up a table top fake tree.. It has always been beautimus, and I was always thankful and content with the itsy bitsy fake tree..
WELL, Mister love of my life said; " Hey, Let's get a REAL tree this year! " I looked at him with a dumb stare, all the while I was processing in my brain, the seating arrangements for the family on Christmas morning with a big ol tree in the middle of the pot. Hmmmmm.... suddenly.. I remembered the smell.. the wonderful smell of a pine tree, my blank stare turned into a big smile and I said, "Let's Do it!"
When we went to pick out our tree.. it was snowing, we were surrounded by a forest of gorgeous trees.. oh and it smelled so good! I was as giddy as a young child, running from one tree to the next. Mister love, said I could have any tree I wanted.. And finally, this is the tree that spoke to me... Yes.. I adore the leggy looking trees, I just think they have a touch of whimsy to them and you can see every ornament, once placed on the tree..

Queen Tessa approves of our new tree...

And, this is Little Lizzy's first Real Tree.. She was as giddy as I , when we brought the tree home.
I will put the lights on this evening, then my grandson Kasen, will help with the decorating when he gets over his Gombu flu bug... More pics then...


Gourdqueen said…
Oh I know how you feel! I too would love a real tree, but we live in the same itty bitty cottage you speak of.
Suck in all the Christmas fragrances that tree brings in and enjoy!
It is a beautiful tree, that's the one I would have pick too!
cottageprims said…
Sweetie~ I love your whimsical twiggy tree! We live in a "little cottage" too, although my living room is pretty big I've opted for a fake tree.Next year I might go for the real thing and switch up.Till then candles will have to give the faint whiff of pine.Warm Blessings!~Amy
~Tonya said…
Oh I love your story about your tree, Mr. Love, your Queen Tessa and Little Izzy. I bet it smells wonderful in there.

We can't have a real tree, allergies :( Enjoy your tree and for the company or family during Christmas I say, pull up some carpet! LOL

You picked out a PERFECT tree. I love it.

haha -- Since it's been a while, you may not recall what goes on that tree. Now knowing your LOVE for Halloween, I just want to remind you that Christmas decorations go on the Christmas tree. You cannot put your unique Halloween people on it. On second thought -- that would be so YOU. Just go where the tree leads you, Diane! I'm anxious to see what you do with it.
Incipient Wings said…
it's beautiful already!
cant wait to see it all dolled up with your lovely ornaments!
What a lovely tree! And what adorable furry babies...Tessa and Izzy are adorable. :) Theresa
Diane, That is a beautiful tree. I can smell it already. LOL I am sure you will have it decorated awesome with all your talent.Can't wait to see it finished....Love, Peg

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