Thursday, December 23, 2010


PSSSSssssst....I have the tickles of holiday magic dancing around like thousands of butterflies in my tummy... How about You?

Remember last post, I was looking for some of that "Magic Santa Dust" Well, I didn't find any of the dust BUT!!!! a trip to the Dr and high doses of prednisone has done the trick...That medicine leaves NO rest for the weary...
In the last few days I have been able to get many of my projects complete.. I prioritized, then went to work and in the wee 4:00 am hour this morning before going to bed, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment!
I'd love to share with you, a few of my gifts and commissions I have created in the last few days.
In the pic above, is a lovely "Seashore Snow Angel" this is for my Mama. She has a lovely & peaceful living room with a soft seashore influence. She also loves Angels, her small collection is lovely.. I wanted to make her a gift to blend into her decor, and so this little Snow Angel was born.. I hope she loves her!I created her using paper clay and fun ribbons, old buttons, sea glass and seashells.. She is painted in a soft palette of creams, golds with a hint of soft aqua and pink.

For my Three and under grankiddies, are these cute as a button Piggy Banks. If you remember my post, almost a year ago, my Sis and I started these little cuties from one of Martha's tutorials. They were put away, left unpainted until yesterday.
UMMmmmm.. one thing we did wrong was.. we forgot to leave a hole for a stopper. Uh-Oooo! lol.. I guess they can break them open when they are ready for college!

DID I SCARE YOU with this PIC? I blurred it up on purpose..didn't want certain eyes to see.. wink, wink! Just wanted you to get the idea.. These are local commission pieces.. I just got them done in the nick of time..
They are also my NEW Exclusive Dianie Mac Design Ornaments that I will be offering in my NEW Etsy shop year round! They are hand sculpted from paper clay, and painted in acrylics. They can be personalized with any hand painted scene on their tummy's and done in any color or style. Look for them to be in my NEW Etsy shop the latter part of January 2011.. Oh, and better pics of course.

My last piece for show and Tell is this Charming Snowman make-do.He is a Character!! He is also, a local commission. He has a big toothy grin with tons of charming character.His hat is kinda fun, it is an old metal teapot lid.. He is lightly glittered and sparkled up in all the right places.

Well, that about wraps it up.. I do have a few of my handmade gifts left to complete tonight, then tomorrow, Christmas Eve day, I can Bake, bake bake for my neighbors!
I hope you are all enjoying the "Magic" of the Season!
Hey, one more thing.... I sure wished I could make Fruitcake like my MAMA! whoooooooooo- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee does she know how to soak it up in RUM!!!! YES, I did have THREE for breakfast!!! Can you say LOOPTY- DOOP!!!! Thanks MOM :)


sassypackrat said...

You've been a busy bee! It's all wonderful!

cottageprims said...

Love the piece you made for your mom! Glad you feel a little better and got some things done.Enjoy your christmas.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Prairie Patch said...

What fantastic pieces! I love how expressive and almost lifelike your creations are. I'm quite sure all of your recipients will be delighted!

Happy Holidays, Diane!

Lisa said...

LOL, no hole to empty piggy! Har, bet the break the bank before collage!
Your pieces turned out great! and you're so busy! May talent you share bring you lots of abundance this coming year! Have a wonderful Christmas, with love, love, love, and laughter!


Georgina said...

Hey Girl, get that that recipe!!! Nothing says Christmas like a piece of homemade fruitcake dripping in Rum!!! WOO-HOO!! LOL

Love all your creations...just adorable, but all your stuff is always wonderful. Have a great Christmas and sooo glad to hear your feeling dem steroids...sometimes you just need them for a bit to help you out.

Take care and God bless.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Glad the "magic" hit you - no matter how it was obtained! Happy Holidays to you and yours! :) Theresa