Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Fabulous find!

While searching Etsy for a special gift for a special someone, I ran across this! Now I know, I should not be shopping for me, but I fell in love when I saw these.. I have been wanting to give my studio a makeover... the YELLOW is just to much and since I spend 8 hours + a day in there it should be something that I LOVE to spend my day in, it should be personal and INSPIRE...
I have contemplated for several years what style to go with?.. I love many styles, my house is an eclectic mix, but I tend NOT to get to feminine as my Mister Love resides there too and he is rugged and outdoorsy and doesn't really appreciate the feminine romantic styles..
BUT I DO.. So I have chosen to go with Shabby Chic and this candelabra from Paprikarose is something I'm putting on my list.. I think it is lovely :) She has a fun little shop.

Then, yesterday Mister Love and I went to the Thrift store and BEHOLD!!!!! Look at what I found..........................Yes, in my book I stumbled upon the Lottery :)
This gorgeous lamp, measures 3ft. tall and is heavier then a palette of bricks.. it is solid metal.

It has five wonderful candelabras....

Two chubby little cherubs......

And the base... This is quite an ornate lamp... I LIKE IT.... LOL..
You should have seen Mister Loves eyes when I told him I was buying it for the studio..PRICELESS..
I will shabby it up a bit with some paint and some perfect scrap papers for the candles, in a french design....... Cant wait to Re-Do this Lamp!


GerryART said...

I think you have found yourself a
TREASURE ! ! ! !

Happy Holiday Hugs

Faerie Moon Creations said...

That is such a great find! I love when you come across such awesome treasures when you least expect to find them. Have fun dressing it up! Theresa

cottageprims said...

I know that look all to well.LoL..I've sold to paprikarose on etsy and she is very nice.The Lamp you bought is very french country romantic.Your right your studio should inspire you so enjoy the frills.Warm Blessings!~Amy