Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Beautiful Christmas and more...

A beautiful Christmas morning... we are eagerly waiting for our Children and Grandchildren to arrive..

The greatest gift for me was the love, laughter and good times shared with our family...
HAH!and nobody even cared that I messed up breakfast... lol....
WE have tons of pic's, that just so happen to be individual shots, sooo I chose not to load 30 or so pics on my blog...lol..

I wanted to share with you this special gift from my Sister-in-law Linda. It brought tears to my eyes.. Linda is so sweet and just knows how to touch my heart deeply. She made me these lovely Grandma blocks with a photo of each of my grandchildren. I just LOVE IT!

Linda and I have been trying to work really hard at converting over to Handmade Christmas'
It has been a wonderful experience, this was our second year and each year we learn that we need to start earlier in the year...LOl.. WE both stayed up all night long Christmas Eve, finishing up our gifts..But it was all well worth it!

And lastly, I would love to tell you about "OTTO" Daryl and Katie of Woodstown Whimsies was having a wonderful giveaway on their blog. You were suppose to tell what " The Reason For the Season" meant to you... I was so excited when I received an email from Daryl & Katie, telling me that I had won... Really, I felt I had already won a priceless gift, because I was very humbled that day, as I wrote what "the Reason For The Season" meant to me..
Today "OTTO" arrived.. And let me just tell you, he is incredible!!!! I was just awe struck at his detail and the fine work Daryl and Katie create together. He will fit right in here and be loved forever! Thank you Daryl & Katie!!

Well, that was our Beautiful Christmas for 2010' And now, I am looking forward and have great optimism for a wonderful New Year, how about you?


Georgina said...

What a lovely and sentimental gift your sister-in-law made you. Congrats on little Otto...just precious.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy all that comes with it. Will be doing the same here...looking forward to a new year.


cottageprims said...

What a wonderful keepsake idea with the blocks.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, Diane! So happy you had a wonderful holiday. I am looking forward to the New Year - hope it brings positive changes for everyone. Theresa

Sue said...

Diane, your Christmas sounds wonderful! We have slowly been trying the handmade Christmas too, and I love.love.love. it! (and yes, the time to start for next year is NOW! LOL)

Thank you for sharing your pics - your Christmas corner is so cozy and inviting looking!

Wishing you a fabulous New Year!



~Tonya said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas, Diane. Handmade is always better, you know that ;)

I love the blocks, how very special. And that little Otto, he looks so very sweet.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Prairie Patch said...

Those are such pretty grandma blocks. What a beautiful touch in putting pictures of your grandkids on them.

Yep, I'm looking forward to the new year with much optimism. Happy 2011!

Teri said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog ...
I just LOVE your SIL's gift! It is just beautiful in the photo, bet it's much prettier in the real.
And I have to agree handmade is always BETTER. The only problem with it, just a ton of time ... which today most people don't have ... That is why Wallyworld make such a killin'
Thanks again for stopping by.

Linda said...

I am so glad you liked the blocks. I loved making them for you. I am so excited to start on next year's Christmas. on our Crafty Saturday. Do you have ideas already stirring? It's going to be a beautiful New Year I have no doubt!

Love you,

Sheryl Parsons said...

How adorable Diane! I like your idea of a home made Christmas. I hope you aren't freezing today! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Trish Stover said...

Diane, your Christmas sounds wonderful. Full of love and family. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about Otto's giveaway, but wish I had. I love Daryle and Katie's work.
All the best for the New Year.