Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Arts A Flutter Update!

Well, HELLO THERE! Are you all gearing up for the BIG Shindig Tomorrow Night? Confetti & Wine, Fire-Crackers and FOOD! YUM! YUM!Fun with Family & friends, I'm Ready!WAHOOOO 2011 here we come....

While enjoying your wine.... and you have that OVERWHELMING urge to sneak onto the the computer to fulfill a shopping desire, don't forget to check out Arts A Flutters New Listings!!!! On January 31st 1:00 pm. pacific time, you can shop til you drop..he,he,he,..

I have a few Valentine Goodies lined up.. Two sweet candy containers and a darlin' Valentine ornament for that pink tree of yours :) These are just a few mug shots of the LOVE fairies ... (really, there little snowmen).
You can click on any pic to take you to my AAF page.. @ 1:00 pm. Pacific time..
"Who Me? I didn't Eat the Chocolate"

"Love You More"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Beautiful Christmas and more...

A beautiful Christmas morning... we are eagerly waiting for our Children and Grandchildren to arrive..

The greatest gift for me was the love, laughter and good times shared with our family...
HAH!and nobody even cared that I messed up breakfast... lol....
WE have tons of pic's, that just so happen to be individual shots, sooo I chose not to load 30 or so pics on my

I wanted to share with you this special gift from my Sister-in-law Linda. It brought tears to my eyes.. Linda is so sweet and just knows how to touch my heart deeply. She made me these lovely Grandma blocks with a photo of each of my grandchildren. I just LOVE IT!

Linda and I have been trying to work really hard at converting over to Handmade Christmas'
It has been a wonderful experience, this was our second year and each year we learn that we need to start earlier in the year...LOl.. WE both stayed up all night long Christmas Eve, finishing up our gifts..But it was all well worth it!

And lastly, I would love to tell you about "OTTO" Daryl and Katie of Woodstown Whimsies was having a wonderful giveaway on their blog. You were suppose to tell what " The Reason For the Season" meant to you... I was so excited when I received an email from Daryl & Katie, telling me that I had won... Really, I felt I had already won a priceless gift, because I was very humbled that day, as I wrote what "the Reason For The Season" meant to me..
Today "OTTO" arrived.. And let me just tell you, he is incredible!!!! I was just awe struck at his detail and the fine work Daryl and Katie create together. He will fit right in here and be loved forever! Thank you Daryl & Katie!!

Well, that was our Beautiful Christmas for 2010' And now, I am looking forward and have great optimism for a wonderful New Year, how about you?

Thursday, December 23, 2010


PSSSSssssst....I have the tickles of holiday magic dancing around like thousands of butterflies in my tummy... How about You?

Remember last post, I was looking for some of that "Magic Santa Dust" Well, I didn't find any of the dust BUT!!!! a trip to the Dr and high doses of prednisone has done the trick...That medicine leaves NO rest for the weary...
In the last few days I have been able to get many of my projects complete.. I prioritized, then went to work and in the wee 4:00 am hour this morning before going to bed, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment!
I'd love to share with you, a few of my gifts and commissions I have created in the last few days.
In the pic above, is a lovely "Seashore Snow Angel" this is for my Mama. She has a lovely & peaceful living room with a soft seashore influence. She also loves Angels, her small collection is lovely.. I wanted to make her a gift to blend into her decor, and so this little Snow Angel was born.. I hope she loves her!I created her using paper clay and fun ribbons, old buttons, sea glass and seashells.. She is painted in a soft palette of creams, golds with a hint of soft aqua and pink.

For my Three and under grankiddies, are these cute as a button Piggy Banks. If you remember my post, almost a year ago, my Sis and I started these little cuties from one of Martha's tutorials. They were put away, left unpainted until yesterday.
UMMmmmm.. one thing we did wrong was.. we forgot to leave a hole for a stopper. Uh-Oooo! lol.. I guess they can break them open when they are ready for college!

DID I SCARE YOU with this PIC? I blurred it up on purpose..didn't want certain eyes to see.. wink, wink! Just wanted you to get the idea.. These are local commission pieces.. I just got them done in the nick of time..
They are also my NEW Exclusive Dianie Mac Design Ornaments that I will be offering in my NEW Etsy shop year round! They are hand sculpted from paper clay, and painted in acrylics. They can be personalized with any hand painted scene on their tummy's and done in any color or style. Look for them to be in my NEW Etsy shop the latter part of January 2011.. Oh, and better pics of course.

My last piece for show and Tell is this Charming Snowman make-do.He is a Character!! He is also, a local commission. He has a big toothy grin with tons of charming character.His hat is kinda fun, it is an old metal teapot lid.. He is lightly glittered and sparkled up in all the right places.

Well, that about wraps it up.. I do have a few of my handmade gifts left to complete tonight, then tomorrow, Christmas Eve day, I can Bake, bake bake for my neighbors!
I hope you are all enjoying the "Magic" of the Season!
Hey, one more thing.... I sure wished I could make Fruitcake like my MAMA! whoooooooooo- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee does she know how to soak it up in RUM!!!! YES, I did have THREE for breakfast!!! Can you say LOOPTY- DOOP!!!! Thanks MOM :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

And five days eight hours to go.. I need a little of Santa's magic dust!

Hi All!!! yep it's me, long lost Dianie... Course, I really don't look this chipper ( I had to photo shop the sweet smile and rosier cheeks on) Yes, just FIVE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS, SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!
I have been flat down since Tuesday evening with the fever, gombu flu that decided to take up it's final residence in my lungs.. just when i would think I could make it to my studio and work on the awaiting commissions & gifts on my table, I would be to weak and fevered up again..I think I have watched every Christmas show ever made. LET THERE BE LIGHT! .. Today a glimmer of Hope!!! I woke up feeling better then I have in days.. more strength, I still cough till I nearly pass out, but I can deal with that :)
NOW, If anyone knows where I can get my hands on some of Santa's MAGIC DUST oh, I would be most grateful, because I have got to pull some magic out of my hat to get semi caught up. Thanks for lending your ear while I whine :) Now onto some FUN NEWS!

Here and there over the years I have had fleeting thoughts of submitting my art to a magazine.. However, it always seemed I would miss a deadline or something of the sorts would come up. I believe so many of you are familiar with this well thought out and beautifully done collectors magazine, Celebrate 365. It is a lovely and informative magazine for the ornament collector, featuring amazing Folk artists and well known ornament designers such as Radko, etc;
Well, I can tell you that I did submit one of my ornaments to the magazine this past Fall and I recently, was drop down, roll all over the floor excited to find out that my "Americas Santa" was accepted to be in the Magazine. I saw the page he is on which page 22 he sits among some of the finest Santa's and Holiday ornaments created by other Top notch Folk Artist's.
All I can say is.... that, it is SUCH a great pleasure and I am truly honored.

Here is a peek of my " America's Santa" he will be available for purchase from the Winter 2o1o issue, that will be out December 22nd.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Ball Doll Swap!

LOOK at this Sweet little prim Snow girl! I absolutely Love Her!
I had joined Zan Asha's Holiday Doll swap and was partnered up with the amazing Kim from Prims by Kim. Her work is SO Detailed and So precious!!!
I feel kinda bad because those of you who have been visiting my blog for awhile know that I cant take a good pic to save my own chocolate stash..
my hubby takes the good pics.. We have both been such busy little elves, I had to take this pic on my own.. Anyways.. her face is not so bright as the pic shows..rather it is antique-ee just how I like.. She is dressed in my favorite colors of red and sagey green.. and I don't think I will be able to put this snow girl away after the holidays.. nope..she's staying up all year long :) You can see super good pics of Kims fabulous work over at her blog.. she also create bears and the cutest elephants. And you can visit Zan's blog for a Holiday Ball featuring wonderful dolls from some very talented artists! Have fun going to the Ball :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Fabulous find!

While searching Etsy for a special gift for a special someone, I ran across this! Now I know, I should not be shopping for me, but I fell in love when I saw these.. I have been wanting to give my studio a makeover... the YELLOW is just to much and since I spend 8 hours + a day in there it should be something that I LOVE to spend my day in, it should be personal and INSPIRE...
I have contemplated for several years what style to go with?.. I love many styles, my house is an eclectic mix, but I tend NOT to get to feminine as my Mister Love resides there too and he is rugged and outdoorsy and doesn't really appreciate the feminine romantic styles..
BUT I DO.. So I have chosen to go with Shabby Chic and this candelabra from Paprikarose is something I'm putting on my list.. I think it is lovely :) She has a fun little shop.

Then, yesterday Mister Love and I went to the Thrift store and BEHOLD!!!!! Look at what I found..........................Yes, in my book I stumbled upon the Lottery :)
This gorgeous lamp, measures 3ft. tall and is heavier then a palette of bricks.. it is solid metal.

It has five wonderful candelabras....

Two chubby little cherubs......

And the base... This is quite an ornate lamp... I LIKE IT.... LOL..
You should have seen Mister Loves eyes when I told him I was buying it for the studio..PRICELESS..
I will shabby it up a bit with some paint and some perfect scrap papers for the candles, in a french design....... Cant wait to Re-Do this Lamp!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Willow, is a lovely little snowgirl, carrying gifts tied up with string, for her woodland friends. Willow, makes her journey on Christmas Eve, through a wonderland of snow covered aspens & pines, she dances with the glistening snowflakes as they swirl and twirl ever so lightly beneath a magnificent star that shines bright on this beautiful winters night.

Willow is available now on Ebay. Simply, Click on the pic :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I would like to thank all who entered my giveaway! I have loved meeting you and visiting all your blogs! I SO wish I could give a prize to everyone. The image below is a bookmark I created from one of my original and most favorite snowman sculpts. This bookmark is darling with a fuzzy tassel and a little glitter here and there.. I generally laminate them and give for thank you gifts or tucked inside a Christmas card. I tried all morning to save this on my bookmark template so that it would be easy for you to print one sheet with multiple bookmarks, however my computer skills only go so far. If your skills are better then mine, feel free to copy it for your own use or gift giving. I only ask that you do not use it for selling purposes. OKAY ON WITH THE WINNER..

Congratulations KATE!
Kate LOVES,LOVES, LOVES Snowmen and Surprises!

I LOve Snowmen too!

Kate, you will receive 6 handmade snowman gift-tags

One hand sculpted Snowman Gourd Candy Container...

And a Little Snowman Family ! I hope all of these little snowman will fit in with your snowman collection :)
I had so much fun creating them :)
I will be contacting you very shortly for your addy and then they will be on their way to their new home . Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

To all my wonderful friends, who may be checking back to see who is the winner of my giveaway & the prize revealed.. I sadly have to post-pone the anticipation until tomorrow!
I had a nasty old migraine headache decide to take over my day.. so needless to say, I need to go back to bed and return tomorrow with better vision and no more throbbing head, and reveal the WINNER!
I am so sorry, thank you for your patience :)

We have a Tree!

Yes we do, we have a REAL tree!!!! I know.. most 45 year old women don't get this excited over a tree, BUT I DO! Lol...
We live in a very cute & cozy ( small) home, I call it my Cottage, and love every square inch of it. However, the living room is on a smaller scale, so for the last 5 years, I have put up a table top fake tree.. It has always been beautimus, and I was always thankful and content with the itsy bitsy fake tree..
WELL, Mister love of my life said; " Hey, Let's get a REAL tree this year! " I looked at him with a dumb stare, all the while I was processing in my brain, the seating arrangements for the family on Christmas morning with a big ol tree in the middle of the pot. Hmmmmm.... suddenly.. I remembered the smell.. the wonderful smell of a pine tree, my blank stare turned into a big smile and I said, "Let's Do it!"
When we went to pick out our tree.. it was snowing, we were surrounded by a forest of gorgeous trees.. oh and it smelled so good! I was as giddy as a young child, running from one tree to the next. Mister love, said I could have any tree I wanted.. And finally, this is the tree that spoke to me... Yes.. I adore the leggy looking trees, I just think they have a touch of whimsy to them and you can see every ornament, once placed on the tree..

Queen Tessa approves of our new tree...

And, this is Little Lizzy's first Real Tree.. She was as giddy as I , when we brought the tree home.
I will put the lights on this evening, then my grandson Kasen, will help with the decorating when he gets over his Gombu flu bug... More pics then...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angel of Hope..

Within your heart, may there always be an ever burning candle of hope....

Hope for Every child on Earth, to go to bed tonight with a full tummy and a soft blanket to keep them warm...
Hope for love and joy.. the hope to reach for your dreams...
And the Hope for Peace On Earth...

This is my rendition of "The Angel of Hope" She is as lovely as the first morning ray of sun kissing your face.. her candle burns strong in my heart... may she hold a burning candle of Hope in your heart as well..

"Hope" is available on Ebay now. To visit, just click on any of the pics.

Just a quick reminder, You have until 12:00 on December 6th to enter the Surprise Giveaway!
At 6:00 pm (mountain time) I will announce the winner and reveal the Surprise!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey There Halloween Enthusiasts!

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hey there Halloween enthusiasts :) Looks like the Halloween Queens are all rested up after working their bony fingers all year long to create America's finest, unique, one-of-a-kind Halloween art. SCREAMMMMMM..and they make CHRISTMAS!!!! Can you believe it? Well, I am just tickled, purple :) I am and always will be very honored to be friends with and sell my creations alongside of these extraordinary & wonderful women, artists. I am blessed to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with them everyday, I don't know what I would ever do without the Halloween Queen's.. tissue anyone?

Happy December 1st. Everyone!
Remember, this Sweet Witch with the Cotton candy hair? She's done, and I am quite pleased with her... Pic's don't do her justice, to hold her in your hand and lay your eyes upon her, is like you've been put under a magical spell..It's True! I tried it out with my SIL and Grandson, yep they were deep under a SWEET Witch's Spell while gazing down at her... Hmmmmm...???? I could have had my house cleaned while I drank coffee and ate chocolate.

You all know I'm kidding right? This sweet Witch inspired by the old fairytale Hansel & Gretel is available for purchase over at The Queens Bootique. If you see anything you like, just click on any pic and our Broom service will fly you there...

Oh, and be sure to take a mug of your favorite brew, as there is much too view! All of the Queens have been busy :)

They even have a NEW Christmas page! This will be a Fun shopping trip indeed! See you there....