Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm up for air after a week of fun in the studio! The first part of the week I worked on my daughter's Birthday present, which i gave to her before I could get a pic;)
Then, I have been working on these 3 little characters. One being sweet, as sweet, as can be... while the other two little stinkers are keeping me on my toes with their fun lovin' and a little bit mischievous personalities! Sure can't tell how mischievous they are by their big ol' grins :)
They still have some painting to go and a little glittering up to do before they are ready to make their debut... But, that will have to wait because ?

I'm going SHOPPING with the GIRL'S!
We plan to spend our $ at Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan and wherever the road takes us. Hmmmm??? I sure hope that road stops at The Olive Garden for lunch, I'm feeling a little Italian today!

I hope your Saturday brings you much Joy in what ever you do!


Linda said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I've really been looking forward to this all week! I have really missed having our coffee/arts & crafts days!... see you in a little while...ohhhh and by the way, I thinks your WIPS are just about the cutest things EVER!!

Love ya sissy,

LLA Creations said...

Love the Santa expression!