Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just in Time for Thanksgiving!

The other day, I had an overwhelming desire to carve! Maybe it is because I had done a deep cleaning in my studio and came across several old Rolling pins that I had purchased several years ago for just that purpose.

It is just like me to bring an item home with a purpose in mind, then stash it away to work on later, then that later turns into years... Do you do have that same problem?

After two years, I am proud to say that I finally got around to carving this rolling pin, and just in time for Thanksgiving! I was thrilled with the way it turned out and I think it would make a lovely hostess gift for that special Thanksgiving cook ;)
If you would like to purchase this festive & unique Holiday decor' just click on either of the picks to take you to my auction.


sassypackrat said...

I have all kinds of things stashed away for future projects so I know exactly what you mean! That rolling pin is wonderful!

Heather said...

Dianie, I think it's woderful!!! You are so creative...

LLA Creations said...

Great carving and design...Talent!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

You did a really great job with it! Theresa

Sue said...

Diane, this looks amazing! I have never tried carving and I love the look of carved objects. The painting you have done on this really complements the whole piece.

Thanks for you continued positive thoughts for Nicole....means a lot