Dianie Mac's Surprise GIVEAWAY! Drawing is December 6th!

Please come in, and warm yourself up for a spell

Feel free to make yourself at home... if you'd like , kick your shoes off & warm them by the fire...
Oh my, is that your tummy growling or mine?
Maybe we should have a little fruit & nuts, It's on the table there....

Hmmmm.... Or, for the sweet-tooth, a cookie or two ?

And wash it all down with a cup of coffee or delicious hot cocoa!

Now that your toes are warm and tummies are full, I have a surprise to show you!! Wonder what this could be? It measures 10" x 10" and is all wrapped up, it is a surprise GIVEAWAY so you must not see.
I want you to be curious , as curious as can be... and WONDER ,and WONDER just like a child.... see how exciting this can be?
All I can tell you is, that it is more than one and very magical, and is made with love from my hands and heart for a lucky someone :) You have up to three chances to win.
1~ At the end of this post add a comment and tell me what your favorite Christmas decorations are ( Snowmen, Santa's, Angels, etc.)
2~ for a second chance to win, become a follower ( if you are already a follower then you will automatically be put in twice)

3~ For another chance to win, post this giveaway on your blog with a link leading back to my blog. The giveaway badge is on the side bar. Then add another comment letting me know that you posted the giveaway on your blog.

Everyone can enter! just in case you are the lucky winner, please make sure I have a way to get in touch with you :)
I will Draw the Lucky winner on December 6th. at that time I will reveal the Surprise & Wonderment!


Linda said… favorite is snowmen for sure....I wanna win!I would love a shot at winning this..this...whatever it is. I Love everthing you create!!
Wow! What a generous giveaway! I am indeed a follower. :) Thank you so much!
My favorite holiday decoration is snowmen. I love them. Can't seem to have enough of them come winter time. With my hubby, it's actually nutcrackers. :) Thanks again! Theres
Designs By CK said…
Thanks for stopping by Diane and hope you had a great turkey day!

Ditto on the snowmen.

Chris >:-)
Linda said…
ok...I have linked to you on my blog!!
Hi Daine!

Oh I'm wondering! What ever you are giving away will be Wonderful!
I am a follower, I have the sale posted on my blog to :)
Pleasssseeeee enter me!

Hey Diane, Another Giveaway how fun is this. I love your work. Very talented. My favorite holiday decoration has to be snowmen.Thank You!! Peggy
Wow! I just posted you on my blog. Hope I did it right.Your blog is awesome!!!
~Tonya said…
Happy Black Friday to you, Diane!

Love your goodies, as usual. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Well, I would love to be added into your drawing/give-a-way. My favorite thing during this time of season is SNOWMEN of course. Love the. And you can keep them out much longer than a Santa. Doesn't mean I don't have any ;)

Take care, Diane. Thanks for the chance and you already know I am a follower.

Dianie, what a fun way to have a giveaway. My favorite Christmas decorations are angels. in fact, I have an entire tree dedicated to angels of every kind, size, color, texture. They're beautiful.
I am a follower and enjoy your creativity. I always hope it's contagious!
Sylvia Smiser said…
Hi Dianie,
I love santa's especially vintage santas. 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. Santa's with a chuckle behind them. :)
Please enter me in your giveaway. I am intrigued!
Sylvia Smiser said…
I am also a follower and I forgot to leave you a way to get a hold of me.
Sylvia Smiser said…
Hi again!
I'm back from posting all about it on my blog.
Your work is just so sweet! My favorite holiday decorations are the quirky ones- they don't quite fit in, but they are still sweet. I have an old "sugar house" that is odd, but somehow works and I would be sad without it on my tree.
Please throw my name in Frosty's hat! It is magic I know!! Happy Holidays!
Robert :)
Halloween Fanatic

Following! I thought I was already a follower, no matter, I am now!! Robert :)
JoAnne said…
Hi Diane,
I found you via Sylvia's blog and so happy I did. LOVE your creations and blog! Don't have one particular fave for the holidays. Simply love Christmas and decorating for it.
I'm now a follower.
Posting on my blog right now.
Please enter me x 3. Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!
Lisa said…
This is great! I'd have to say snowmen, definitely snowmen! I am a follower and I'll post it all up today,
Good luck everyone!

magikalseasons said…
Wonderful giveaway! I follow ya too! I love the magic of a snowman! :) Becca
Lee said…
I love the different lights I put up at Christmas...from tiny twinkle to LED to old fashioned to a neon Christmas tree. I love white and colored and in between...I LOVE Christmas!
Of course there are many snowmen and Santas and angels in my house. I do get carried away!
Bettina Groh said…
I'm a follower.... my favorites are my Annalee's felt "things". I started collecting them in the early 70's. I have an angel for each of us... there were 5 but when the kids got married and had kids, I bought more! Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a wicker sleigh and all the reindeer sit on the mantle every year!
Gourdqueen said…
I collect snowmen, handmade only! Truly they are the best!
I have a couple of yours already!
Gourdqueen said…
To get one or you delightful creations I would follow you anywhere and I do!
Gourdqueen said…
Now I don't like to share but I did post your surprise giveaway on my blog!
Thanks for giving us all a chance at one of your charming creations!!!!
sassypackrat said…
It's a hard choice between Santa and snowmen. I'm leaning a bit more towards the snowmen.
sassypackrat said…
I follow you already.
Ken said…
My favorite ornament on my tree is a little vampire that was given to me by a friend a long time ago. He gets a prominent place every year on our christmas tree.
Ken said…
Blogged about your giveaway here on my blog!
Ken said…
Also posted my blog about your blog on my facebook page here!/pages/Damien-StaffordThe-World-Inside-My-Head/137795166476
I LOVE giveaways! What a cool idea to make it a surprise giveaway. My mind is already asking, "What's in there? I wanna see!" : )
It seems as if the "Cindy Thimbleprim is the winner" fairy doesn't like me for some reason, but I'm entering anyway. : ) Your work is so unique and original and whimsical and FUN. I really hope I win!
My favorite is definitely snowmen/snowpeople.
I just became a follower and I'm going to grab the badge thing and get the info up on my blog.
Oh, I'm having a giveaway, too, over at It's for a Xmas Basket that is chock full of great "Stuff". If you have a chance, take a look. : )
Big holiday hugs from,
Cindy/Thimbleprims Studio
Hi again, lovely lady,
I posted about your wonderful Surprise Giveaway on my blog. : )
Have a wonderful weekend,
cottageprims said…
I'm a follower and love the excitement of this!Warm Blessings!~Amy
cottageprims said…
I love santas and snowmen for the holidays.Love presents too.LoL..It's so fun to guess what it can be.Warm Blessings!~Amy
cottageprims said…
I'll post to my blog.(even though I really don't want to share it is the season for sharing)LoL.Warm Blessings!~Amy
GerryART said…
I'm here via Thimbleprims Blog.
I would have to say that Santa's are my fave Christmas decoration. So jolly, they are!
This is my first time joining a giveaway where the giveaway is secret.
You're making this truly a Christmas time surprize.
GerryART said…
I'm your 125th Follower ! ! ! ! !

I'm counting the days 'til you reveal the Surprise & Wonderment!

LLA Creations said…
My favorite is any and all Christmas / Winter art that makes me giggle!
I already follow you and enjoy all your posts! I’ll blog about the giveaway soon.
Happy Holidays ;}
Oh...what a neat giveaway - can't wait to see what is inside the mystery package! I'm a new follower and I think I like my Santa collection the best for decorating.
I will post this on my blog as well.
Hmmm!!! My favorite is Angels!!! Close second is snowmen!!!! I like this no peek give a way!!! Fun!!! hugs
Sue said…
What an intriguing looking giveaway, and I know whatever it is, it will be wonderful. That said, the draw is on my daughter Nicole's birthday that a good omen? LOL

My favorite I think is snowmen, followed closely by Santa. I remember fondly the spun cotton snowman my mom put out every year that her mother had made. I think that is what started my love of snowmen.

Yes, I follow you, and hope to post about your blog tomorrow. Will be back once I do.

Prim2Pink said…
I would love to be entered in your surprise giveaway! Even though I am not good with surprises...I am a peeker. I have tried not to be! But something just makes me want to carefully unwrap packages to get a little glimpse.(sigh) Are you sure I can't get a little peek?!! LOL

Prim2Pink said…
I am a BIG collector of snowmen!
Hmmmm...did I say that right? I am not big (well maybe)but I have a big 'collection'.
Either way, put me in for another entry please!
Prim2Pink said…
I am a new follower of your blog!
I think I will go check out some of your beautiful creations now.
Happy Holidays!!
Linda Henderson said…
My favorite Christmas decorations are snowmen, I really like snowmen.

I am a new follower on GFC as seriousreader

seriousreader at live dot com
My favorites are santas. I collect them and love them :)I am now also a follower
Hi Diane,
I'd be one lucky girl to win one of your awesome creations ;-}
I love everything christmas but especially those that have a bit of whimsy and make me chuckle a bit ;-}
Darlene said…
Just found your beautiful blog. My favorites are snowmen and snow-women.

Please enter me in your Surprise giveaway. I have a feeling that the prize is fabulous!!!
flutterbygone's said…
I've been a Santa decorator for years...but when I decorated 2 weekends ago (yes, I was ready!!!!), I discovered that Ihave a little snowman gathering growing!!! :o)

I am indeed a follower!!!
DellaRae said…
I love Santas. Fat, tall or skinny they warm my heart. I have been decorating for two days and they are everywhere. Thanks for your nice surprise!
Oh I love surprises! I'm a follower Diane and my favourite Christmas decoration is Santa's. I love decorating with everything but my Santa collection definitely wins hands down! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful creations, can't wait to see what it is! It's like Christmas morning, the anticipation is killing me! Deb
I just posted a link to your giveaway at my blog, right sidebar under Great Giveaways. Thanks again for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful creations and hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Deb
scrapfancy said…
My favorite is Snowmen. I love them. All fat and sassy. Cool and strong. What a great giveaway.
scrapfancy said…
I became a follower.
scrapfancy said…
I left a comment about the giveaway on my blog site-
Here's my linky:

Glad to help promote it! :) Theresa
Incipient Wings said…
what a great blog...I read about you on the Faerie moon creations blog....
my favorite decoration has to be gingerbreads.... people, houses, animals...if there is a gingerbread on something, I usually want it, lol:)
have a great week.
Primitive Post said…
Hi Diane!

I am one of your newest followers and I absolutely adore your blog! I look forward to reading more from you very soon! I would love to be entered for a chance to win your fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

Merry Christmas!

Contact -
Primitive Post said…
Hello again!

Oh my, it's so hard to choose my favorite Christmas decoration but I suppose it would have to be snowmen since that is what I have the most of. I love, love, love surprises and I am very excited about your wonderful giveaway! Thanks for allowing us a few chances to win!


Contact -
Primitive Post said…
Hey Dianie!

Last comment, I promise! :D

I posted your giveaway on my blog's sidebar so that all of my followers could get in on the fun too! You can check it out at -

Thanks again,

Contact -
Prim's by Kim said…
What a fantastic generous person you are Diane! Please toss my name in for a chance! I love snowmen, and Old Santas are a close second!! xoxo
What a generous way to start the Holiday Spirit. Fun, too. My favorite decorations are snowflakes and snowmen. Happy Holidays Diane.
Jingle said…
My favorite Christmas decorations are JINGLE BELLS!!! I love them. And anything with glitter on it. But that is pretty much an all year thing! LOL!
Naturally I am a follower. How coulc I be anything but with your personality and fabuloous work.
I've got your giveaway posted and linked up over on my blog. I hope you are enjoying all of your snow.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My favorite christmas decoration is most definately the snowman. I thnk its a snow thing. We do not get alot here and it is always a wonderful reminder of past white christmas
Ľubaša said…
my the most favorite christmas decorations are snowmen - hanging them on the tree, putting them on the shelves and windows in the house. Actually we dont have "santas".:-) just because of there is saint nicolaus in our tradition...
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
Ľubaša said…
I follow your blog (Lubaska) and I am curious, so curious.:-))
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
Ľubaša said…
unfortunately I am not a blogger, but I shared your contest on FB wall:
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
The cookies and cocoa look so good! I am a new follower! Would love a nice surprise! Hugs! ♥
I always loved snowmen...but I also love little elves and red cardinals! They're everywhere right now! ♥
At our house, it's a tie between reindeer and Santas! We love them both!

I would be so honored to enter your surprise giveaway! Thank you.
I am a new follower of your beautiful blog!
Lisa said…
Oh nothing like a surprise to start the season off right. So please add me to the list for a chance to win!
Happy Holidays!!!
pippirose said…
Oohhh...I love surprises!
My favourite is snowmen.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com
pippirose said…
I follow your blog via GFC.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com
pippirose said…
I posted your wonderful giveaway on my sidebar:

pippirose59 at gmail dot com
Incipient Wings said…
hello again...i posted the button on my blog..:)
Prairie Patch said…
Hi, Diane -

Wow, if you made this intriguing surprise, then we know it's going to be gorgeous!

Well, my favorite decorations are,, wait...can I say both!?!

I'm a new follower on your blog, and I've posted your giveaway in my blog's sidebar.

Wendy said…
Oh, I love your blog and art. I just discovered you from Theresa's blog. And what an exciting giveaway.

I'm now a follower of your blog.
And my favorite Yule/Christmas decorations are; Angels and Snowflakes. Really I have so many, but those I seem to be drawn to the most year after year.

Thank you for this lovely giveaway.
dragonmamma said…
I'm partial to snowmen, perhaps because I've lived my whole life in sunny California and never see real ones!
dragonmamma said…
Just became a follower.
Michelle said…
Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! I love snowmen. They are the cutest winter decoration that can stay up long after Christmas!
justjenny said…
I love doves or angels. That said my tree is always full of my favorites not anything planned out. It has been suggested by the hubs that I have enough ornaments to decorate two trees...I think it's probaly closer to three lol!
Susan said…
Oh, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway. I just became a follower thanks to Kate over at Primitive Post.

My favorite decoration for Christmas... oh this is difficult because I love so many... but I think snowmen, sheep, Santas and gingerbread men take the cake. Sorry I can't narrow it down more... ;-)

Thanks for hosting this fun surprise giveaway,
Susan @ CluckleBees
tina kirk said…
I can't wake to see the suprise! My favorite decoration is angels, I guess because I paint them all the time! Thanks Email at
JBlanton said…
I love snowmen, I collect them thanks for the chance to win!
JBlanton said…
following your blog
Karen Denson said…
My favorite Christmas ornaments are snowmen. I have so many different snowmen that I put on my tree. One of my most favorite is a grungy snowman. He's a bit dirty but the expression on his face just melts your heart. I absolutely love your snowball ornaments. They are awesome. Thanks or the opportunity to win a hand made gift from you.
Anonymous said…
grazie amigo! grande post!
Anonymous said…
I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts.
Anonymous said…
I’ve meant to post about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Cheers.
Anonymous said…
Nice post. Grazie
So glad I found your blog and website. Your creations are absolutely delightful.
My favorite Christmas decorations are Santas especially vintage Santas.

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