Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday In The Studio

Aren't we all curious creatures by nature? I know I am... good example is.. As strange as it sounds, one of my favorite things about trick r treating when I was a wee little tyke was, being able to see inside other peoples homes.. I was SO CURIOUS!!! for me,( and it is okay to call me strange) it is a tiny part of the magic of Halloween. I always appreciated art, decor and wanted to see how other people decorated. I always hoped to see some fantastical art piece or creation.. And, I did see some fantastic works of art as well as great decorating.. it always gave me inspiration to tuck away in my little tyke mind.
I am pretty darn sure there are other little creative monsters and goblins out there that share the same curiosities..
I also am curious of other artists and their WIPS and of course their creative space. I think it is a magical process... a kind of love between the Artist and their creation from beginning to end.

I tend to be a little private, or should I say shy when it comes to sharing my work in progress and my most of the time messy studio.. But, gee.. I guess it is time to step out of hiding and maybe share a little of my days in the studio. I dubs Friday as my show-n- tell day :)
Above is a pic of what I have on my work table today. I have a spooky little scarecrow nearly finished. And a bunch of little souls needing much more clay... I generally work on several pieces at a time...then I will get attatched to one and push the others aside. The tall Scarecrow has been pushed aside many a times.. poor fella..
Maybe next Friday I will have a clean studio, then I will feel better about sharing a closer pic of my WIPS ;)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thanks for the sneak peek at your works in progress. Looking good. :) Can't wait to see them finished - I know they will look fantastic! Theresa

Sue said...

" favorite things about trick r treating when I was a wee little tyke was, being able to see inside other peoples homes"

Oh me too! I still like walking at night and looking into people's windows (from the street of course LOL). I also love to see artists' WIPS. Thanks for sharing your's - keep us posted


Sheryl Parsons said...

This is such a great peek at your studio and WIP's Diane. I too loved to see what other people's home looked like. I still enjoy going over to a home I've not been to. It's always fascinating to see the things folks cherish.