Thursday, September 30, 2010


I keep you close in my thoughts everyday... I remember the sound of your laugh and your beautiful smile you took with you, wherever you would go..I remember our camping trips and how you loved to fish... I remember the fun we had at the second hand stores, giggling, laughing & running about. When I lay down to sleep at night... I think of all these special times we shared, and even though I still quietly weep as I lay there missing you, I cant help but to get a comforting smile, as you gave us all such beautiful memories that are so precious & wonderful . You have touched my heart so deeply... I miss you Shelbie...Love Aunt Diane.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday wishes!

Alan... He is the love of my life... He is my world... After all our years together, he still lights up every inch of my soul with love, joy and happiness....

Our children and grandchildren took Alan to a special place... a serene and most magical place, with tall shady trees, wild roses, beautiful scrub oak, all tucked away within the Majestic Wasatch Mountains...

I thought I would try my hand at some fine outdoor dutch oven cooking... Alan's favorite !
Grandma Carolyn made a Scrum*dilly*umptious chocolate cake... another favorite of Alan's.

We laughed, talked and played... We ate some yummy food... and created many memories
with our "HERO" Happy Birthday Alan, Dad and Grandpa!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Door Opens

I did something yesterday...I closed a door !
After working the past 18 years as a Cake Decorator for Sam's Club/ Walmart, I retired my decorating bags...

I have opened a new door, to a world of magic & adventure !
A world where I can live, breathe and experience my dream to be a full time artist.

So, come on in to my studio and join us for a CELEBRATION!
Designated driver provided :)

P.S. The darlin' lil' Bat hosting the party, is going home with the highest bidder after the celebration. Click on my Ebay auction button, on the right hand column, if you want him to go home with you ;0

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A HUGE Giveaway from the QUEENS of HALLOWEEN!

Well I guess it is close enough that I can let you in on the secret! There is a HUGE giveaway about to begin over at the Halloween Queens Blog! Oh yeah..... 31 prizes in 31 days! that is a winner a day! The prizes are fantastic, and if your into Halloween you surely MUST head on over to enter. sign ups start Sept.15 thru Oct.15th for more details visit the Halloween Queens Unite blog. oh, one more thing... IT'S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE, SPREAD THE WORD!

Here is my finished WIP. I named her "Effie" and she is now awaiting adoption on Ebay.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend.
We went camping. We had the whole family gathered round the campfire, roasting marshmallows, hot dogs and Hobo dinners. It was well worth the 4 pounds I gained;)
In the early morning we were awakend by a cute little raccoon. He was a hungry little feller and thought he just might find something yummy in the garbage sack I had left under my truck. Hope he found something .
Thanks for all your great comments you left on my last post of wip's.
Wishing you all a great week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is in the Air and New WIPs!

Hi Everyone! Just curious, but are you all experiencing Wonderful Fall Mornings in your neck of the woods?
We have had the most beautiful Crisp, cool mornings. It gives me such a tickle in my belly. I start pulling out the snugly crochet throws, lovely earthy candles and just have an all around warm and cozy feeling in my heart. Also, it's that time of year to pull out the what I call...comfort spices. Cinnamon, Nutmeg and cloves... It's time for Pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing, Hot Apple Cider or for a romantic evening by the fire,with a good book,or better yet.. your favorite hunk of a man (MINE HUNK IS ALAN) maybe a Hot Buttered Rum? Oh, and what about art! Nothing screams fall more then, all those fun, cute, spooky maybe even a little creepy Halloween characters to decorate our homes with.
All The Halloween artist's out there have been busy, busy creating wonderful works of art everywhere. They just blow me away with their talents and creative minds. I am SO HONORED and very Fortunate to have a Group of wonderful friends, that just happen to be Halloween Artist's as well.

Those Wonderful Ladies are Known as the Halloween Queens. Every month on the 1st and the 15Th they put their wonderfully created Halloween pieces up for sale over at the Queens Castle Bootique. If you are wanting to add to your collection, or purchase a gift for your Fall loving friend, then take a stroll on over to the Bootique.
Are you curious about the pic's? Those are my WIPs. They didn't quite make it to the deadline for their debut in the bootique, little stinkers were giving me quite the challenge. The first pic is of my Bat ornament. He still has a little sculpting to do before he gets the life breathed into with the magical world of paint. I have used several types of air dry clay on this little fellow. Paper clay and Apoxie Sculpt. I hope to get him completed by Saturday.
In the second pic you will see my little Witch... A couple of days ago she was supposed to be a spider however, the little stinker wasn't working out at all how I had pictured her to be, so she turned into a Witch. I think that is who she was supposed to be this whole time. I still have a tiny bit of sculpting to do on her hands, and of course her pointy hat. I wasn't much into sculpting this morning, so I stared painting her base and skirt. ( That is why there isn't a pic of her lower half, it's a secret until later).
SPEAKING OF SECRETS ... Soon, very soon I have some fun news to share with all of you. I think you will all like the news, and I think you all might really get something outta the news...... but the news will have to wait just a little while longer..