Monday, April 12, 2010

Deep in the Enchanted Hobigoogan Forest...

Deep in the Enchanted Hobigoogan Forest lives the most magical creatures you ever might see. If you wait patiently, being careful as to not make a sound, at the stroke of midnight a Halloween celebration is about to be found.
Magical creatures from far and near, bring forth their Jack-o-lanterns for the big fair.
Egdgarcasper and his loyal friend Knottlyfrisbee will surely be there, proudly showing off their Jack-o-lantern that they hold so dear.
On April 15, at the Queens Bootique, Edgarcasper invites all to see his loyal friend knottlyfrisbee and his JOL McPhee.


~Tonya said...

Love the little poem you wrote to go with your little trickster! Can't wait to see what you have created, Dianie.

Have a great week.

Brenda LaBell said...

Awwww Diane, how cute!! I can't wait to see the others!!

Have a great week!!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

OOOOh...Can hardly wait to see them both! He definitely look enchanting, I love all your creations.

Georgina said... it, love it, love it. We need some woodland creatures down here, but we have no woods...maybe that's why we don't have any. Maybe I should go out and seek desert creatures...oh no, I'll probably find some rattle snake nest, my luck!! LOL

Thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog. I know that someday in the future things will iron out, but as I said, the mother will be very guarded. Thanks again and God bless.


Sheryl Parsons said...

So adorable Diane! You have quite an imagination. :-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Dianie!!!! Nice to see you again. Your little sweetie looks so adorable - can't wait to see the rest of him. :) Hope you have been well. Theresa

Sue said...

Diane, I LOVE woodland imps, sprites and everything related ....this little guy is adorable!