Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi Guys! Yep, I'm still here... I had to take a break, or should I say.. BAN myself from the computer while I took care of some Business on the home front. Nothing fun, just Deep cleaning, gathering info for a refinance and dreaded taxes. Nothing that I enjoy or am good at, so full concentration was needed. lol.. However, in the evening when the sun set, the fur kids were fed and the love of my life was tucked into bed, I was able to sneak into the studio to work on a few things. Some who have been following for awhile might remember the pic above. Lil' Bug and his turtle. I started him last Spring, but he ended up on a shelf until last Fall. Then, back on the shelf until several weeks ago. The bright lights came on!!!! and he has evolved into a Halloween Bat Boy, riding his turtle of course.

He has a ways to go..Like, maybe a right hand lol.. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted his hand.. So I thought maybe as started the painting process it would come to me, and it has. He will be sure to be complete, decked out from head to toe, for the Halloweens Queens Bootique April update!

The Snow has finally melted and we have been blessed with some warming temperatures. The last few days has reached into the 50's Wahoo! That is Capri weather :) With that said, I thought I would make my journey through the yard to see how our young trees and pines fared through our long bitter cold winter. The pines look fantastic, and I see new growth.

I am surprised our landscape fabric is still here. We were cut short with earlier then expected winter weather last Fall, and did not get our landscaping rock laid.

As I continue my journey through the yard, I see new green plant growth peeking up through the old fallen leaves.

Speaking of leaves..... we have more then our share in the yard. Our street is lined with huge Sycamores and Maple trees. If one homeowner fails to do the fall cleanup, the whole darn street suffers. Alan did two big cleanups in the Fall and has already cleaned up the leaves this Spring. AS you can see, more leaves have found their way to our fence. I think we were all caught off gaurd with the early winter weather.

I usually dread the spring cleanup and gardening due to my stiff and crippled knees. I have a hard time moving around, bending and so forth, but I am unusually excited this year. I may have to sit on my butt and scoot around to get things looking sharp, but I'm determined to get it done and enjoy the journey.
Well, enough ramblings for now. I am going to get my house spiffed up, then it is Studio time until 10:30 am. Wahoo! I love days off from work ;) Today, I am working on the Bat Boy and a special order.


Sonia ;) said...

Oh I remember him..Love what he has turned into..How awesome is that. Love it...Spring cleanup...I would be excited to have a yard like yours. I remember all the hard work on the pond. Missed ya sweetie...xoxoxoxoxoxo

Gourdqueen said...

There you are! I have so missed you being around!
I remember this little fellow too and I love his new transformation. He's too!
Rambling through the yard, I need to do that but I'm skeered of what I will find which includes my neighbor's Sycamore leaves.
Oh, hope you don't mind that I went catfishing with your sweet hubby!

Brenda LaBell said...

I love Bat Boy!! Great idea and his turtle is amazing too!! I can relate to the surplus of leaves, yuch, we started the dreaded leaf clean up last weekend. But I do love a well planted and groomed yard, yummy eye candy!! Can't wait to see yours when your finished!!


Sue said...

Hi you!

Funny how life can intrude into our time isn't it? Good to see you again though. Your little bug guy is wonderful and I enjoyed the pics of your yard. Spring hasn't quite sprung here yet, but it IS coming!



Faerie Moon Creations said...

Welcome back! Spring is arriving everywhere! We're gradually working on yard clean-up, and most of our daffodils and crocuses have bloomed. I love the piece you're creating right now - he's so whimsical and looks full of mischief. :) Hope you have a great week! Theresa

Zan Asha said...

Hey Diane, glad to see you are back! What a cute sculpt, hopefully you can finish him--and I know how it is, Spring cleaning, the yard. Seems there is never enough time to get it all done!

Lisa said...

Oh how funny, I was working on a fairy witch sitting on a turtle for the boo...also, I may change gears and throw something else together, other wise everyone will think we sat side by side while sculpting...!!! get back to work!