Pfatt Marketplace 2010!

The time has come, that I can truly unveil my Pfatt Marketplace goodies for January 2010!
I don't usually create much for Valentine's. My creative mind is usually stuck in Halloween, Christmas and Easter. But, this year the * LOVE BUG * flew in my ear, whispering Sugary, glittery SWeeT ideas while I sleep... Waking with a sense of candy coated ideas, I couldnt be rude and not act on the gift that was so sweetly whispered to me from the *LOVE BUG* So I madly began to create, so that I can pass on the * MaGIc * of the Love Bug to you.....
See you there at the Pfatt Marketplace :)


sheila said…
Those are adorable!!
Linda said…
OH MY DIANIE!! You are such an incredible artist!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Valentine creations!! GEEZ~A~LOO you are one talented and gifted person!!

Love ya!
Sonia ;) said…
These are so adorable them

Hi ladies, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments from such talented ladies. They were fun to create... now I'm running onto Easter...

Nancy said…
Hi Diane...

I am really loving your unique and different. I am looking forward to seeing your Easter creations! Lovely blog!

Hugs, Nancy
This is great I love it!
Georgina said…
Wow, you inspire me. I haven't done anything in the studio yet and here you are creating all this great stuff...what a gal!!!!

Sue said…
Diane, these are SO delightful! They all make me them!

Okay...running over to Pfatt now to check them out.

Sue said…
Me again......Diane, just saw your
"Bursting With Love" piece. LOL.....LOVE it! So unique and clever. Just wonderful!
Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving such wonderful compliments:)

Sue, I'm glad the little bursting with love guy made you smile...
I made a zipper one a few years ago and it was a big challenge, so this time I thought he'd be bursting out of a button up suit.

Hugs to all,

Ooh! Your goodies are all magical Diane! So glad the love bug flew in your ear for inspiration. Your candy containers are fabulous! "Bursting with Love" is out of this world, I love it! And Cupid is sooo adorable! Love her expression and the mohair is a wonderful touch! Your talents always amaze me! Wishing you great success on your sales! :)

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