Saturday, January 2, 2010

Martha's Piggy Bank!

Hi all you fabulous artsy bloggers. I hope your Holidays were everything you wanted them to be :)
I had one of the best Holidays ever and on Monday I will share some of the pics and memories with you.. But, first I would like to share one of my goals for the New Year and I hope I don't scare anyone off with what I am about to mention.... Yes, I am already thinking of Christmas 2010! Yepper, Skippy I always say that I am going to do a homemade Christmas and I never seem to have the time to get everything that I want to accomplish finished in time for Christmas. Does this ever happen to any of you?
My sister- in- law Linda Sue ( who is a quilting and crafting genius) suggested to start early, like January and make several items each month. She's so smart ;)
Anyways, I thought I would take her clever advice.
And then good ol' Martha enticed me with these darling Piggy Banks . So I have my first homemade Christmas 2010 project for January all cut out for me. I thought I would make one for each of my grand babies, each to suit their unique style.
At the end of the month I will share pics of the mad Piggy making fun. Until then I thought I would share Martha's link, just in case you have someone in your life that needs a little piggy bank :)


Georgina said...

I love those piggies. I made my little kiddos a Christmas Worm. In fact that's how my computer died, I was looking up some stuff to write a story about the worm family I created. The worms were done but alas, no story!!! I indend to make other little Christmas creatures for all of them with a story attached, hope my computer doesn't fry up again during research time!!!

Happy New Year and God bless.


Sue said...

What a great idea to make a couple of items a month and put away as gifts! Every year it is December 1st and I realize that I haven't even started! Talk about adding stress to one's life.

Love the piggy bank!


Linda said...

I love you Dianie!! I might just have to steal the pig idea or...maybe...just maybe...we should have a craft day and make some together!!!