Thursday, January 21, 2010

BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... it is cold outside, in fact.. it has been one long cold winter! With that said, it is no surprise that I've jumped to SPRING creations. Think Happy Spring thoughts, Happy Spring thoughts!
I've been creating some Fresh, Fun Spring goodies for the the Pfatt Marketplace which will be listed February 10Th. But, in the meantime I have this Collectible, Mischievous Little Bunny Ornament available for adoption on Ebay . I wasn't sure if I would get him finished for this weeks ebay listing, as I have had this irritating headache for the last three days. I couldn't even do any blog visiting :( anyways, Last night I finally kicked the ol' headache monster and was able to finish this feller and list him this morning.
I have a date with my sister in law today. We are headed to the thrift shop to find some Trash that we can turn into Treasures. I'm excited, It would even make it that much merrier if you all could come.
Actually, I will be looking for some gadgets and gears for an upcoming * STEAMPUNK * challenge ( More on that later).
Anyway, I'd better go and catch up on my chores since I was a DEADHEAD for the last three days.


DellaRae said...

Love those bucky teeth!

Linda said...

LOVE the Bunny....It was sure fun yesterday. we need to do that more often

Gourdqueen said...

They are all just too stinkin CUTE! But that's what they are suppose to be!
My friend you rock at all you do!!!!
Love your guts too!

ODD imagination said...

Absolutely Love him! He brings a smile to my face and a laugh in my heart. Very much needed. ;o)

Anonymous said...

How cute he those teeth!