Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big As A Bear!

A Male Black Bear weighs anywhere from 180 pounds to 200 pounds.... and , well I hate to say it, But I out weigh that ol' Black Bear by 4 pounds. I know, I was shocked too!
I never ever, ever normally would admit this to you. I would just try to hide all my Voluptuous curves under a big T-shirt. You see, the t-shirt is getting tighter and tighter, and I am feeling sluggish and down right rotten.
I am a pasta, Bread and chocolate brownie loving fool! Not kidding a bit..
I have a struggle at home because I love, down home ( Paula Dean Style) cooking'
Oh, and at work is even worse. I work in a Bakery and if that isnt bad enough, we have a big tray of samples every single stinkin day and that big tray sits right in front of me, where I decorate the cakes. A.. Huh.. You guessed it.. I cant even concentrate on my job. I find myself totally distracted by those scrum*dilly*umtious goodies sitting right before my eyes..My double chin indicates that I cant keep my sugar addicted fingers outta the demo tray. Now that I have shared my character defects with you, I will get serious about this post.

I have a Son who is 28 years old. He is a wonderful person who has had some some struggles of his own. Although we would like changes to happen overnight they plain and simple just don't. I have watched my son over the last eight months battle an alcohol addiction and become a healthy eater and he also works out on a regular basis. I've seen his personality shine as It once did before his addiction. He is caring, Articulate and Brilliant and he loves his Mother so much and wants her to be around for a long time, that he signed me up for a New beginnings Life changes contest. It's kinda like the "Biggest Loser" Reality show. This class is ran by a doctor and several fitness trainers. I was skeptical.. The thought of giving up all the bad carbs and sugary treats and EXERCISE, just gave me shivers... I had to go, but I was doing it for my Son, how could I let him down? When I got there to the class, I looked around.. there were so many people just like me.. needing a healthy change.. and somehow, I don't think they were there for all the prizes you can win.. I think they were there for themselves.. After listening to the orientation speech, being weighed and measured( WE wont go there) I left not doing this for my Son, instead I found a ray of hope in that group of people. I left there wanting to make a life change for myself. I want to add one more thing.. My son, signed up for this class for the second time, to offer support to his mama, he sat by my side all evening. That is the best gift of love a mom could have. Thank you Tony, Your Mamma Loves you :)


Gourdqueen said...

Oh Diane, you brought tears to my eyes. What a loving son you have.
I would give anything to be able to fight my weight battle and my son's alcoholism together.
You are so blessed!
Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Good for You !!! What a good son too!

Anonymous said...

Dianie, you made me laugh, comparing a bear's weight to yours. That's hilarious! Listen, I am so envious of you. You are signed up for the class that will make a difference, and you've got someone who adores you as a support. As Gourdqueen said it best -- you are so blessed!

Georgina said...

Diane, you are so lucky to have a son that truly loves and cares about you. Just call me the "little brown bear!!? lol


Linda said...

My,My Diane..I am at work, you're not supposed to make me cry...people are looking at me weird now.
You DO have a wonderful son. I LOVE Tony more than words can say. and WE ARE DOING THIS!!...I'm with ya sista!!

Sue said...

Diane, I commend you! I too am fighting the same battle at the moment and unfortunately there is really nothing in town similar to what you have (other than Weight Watchers, which just doesn't cut it for me). You are blessed to have the support of your son.

One thing I do have is a very supportive husband who gifted me with an elliptical machine at Christmas and also an incredible support group on Spark People.com.
This is a free online site packed with a ton of resources (recipes, health articles, motivation tips, fitness, etc., etc). And, tons of support. It is free which is a huge bonus - and it works! The success stories are amazing. Can be used in conjunction with any other diet/fitness program you are doing. www.sparkpeople.com

Good luck on your journey - it can be tough as we get older, but gosh, it really is worth it!



Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

OH my... ladies, I didn't mean to make some of you sniffle.. But if truth be known, I sniffle too when I think of my son's accomplishments.
Jan, I compared myself to a bear because an Elephant just sounded so ginormous! Lol...
Sue, thanks for that site. I am going to go check it out. I think one of the keys to success will definitly be support.
Gourdie, Maybe we can do it together?
Linda Sue, Yes WE ARE!
Georgina and Sheila Thanks so much for your kind words and support:)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

GO *D*I*A*N*E*!!! You are a very inspiring lady! It is so touching for you to be rising to the top with your loving son! I love it! Thanks for sharing your magical journey with us!

Big Hugs,
Lisa :)

Zan Asha said...

Diane, I was crying at this post too! Oh, what a sweet boy you have.

Ok, I'm going to let you in on a secret--*shhh* it's between the both of us, OK? I used to weigh-wait for it--250 lbs. I kid you not. This was in my late teens and early 20's. I was a VERY depressed young lady. So it took a lot for me to get where I am, and I STILL have a sweet tooth. But if you stay with good eating after awhile, your body DOES eventually curb itself!

Anyhow, feel free to email me anytime if you need help or support!

MANY hugs! Zan :)

Sonia ;) said...

Oh Diane....I TOTALLY understand what your going through..between meds(side effect weight gain) and eating..Im hear for ya...you go girl u got encouragement babe online also...lets kick this shit together...xoxoxoxo

Jasmine said...

I know that over weight feeling. i need to motivate myself to exercise. Maybe i will get a dog...Its een lovely rummaging around your log. Hope to meet you again.