*BEE* Mine, Ebay Auction!

This *OOAK* Ornament, concludes my Valentine's Creations for 2010'
This pudgy little Bee is Buzzing in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
She is available for adoption on Ebay


Sue said…
She is so adorable!!! (never thought I would say that about a bee! LOL).

Another fabulous Valentine creation Diane! She is soooo cute! Look at them cheeks! :)
Raedell said…
This bee is too cute. Just wanted you to know I received my snowman ornie today and I just love him. Thanks so much for your great giveaway!
Hey Ladies, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments!

This Bee looks a little bit like my 6 month old grandaughter, chubby cheeks and all.. lol :)

Raedell, I am so glad you received him okay. :)

Doran & Jody said…
She is just dawlin'!!!
How adorable...love her pudgy little cheeks.
Sheryl Parsons said…
Adorable Diane! Hey, are you surviving the snow okay? It was gorgeous in Salt Lake today.
We should get together sometime!
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