Friday, January 29, 2010

*Fly with Me On a Magic Carpet Ride* OWOH

One World One Heart, Magic carpet Ride, created to bring the World together, by the amazingly talented , The Whimsical Bohemian.
I thought I was to late to participate However, I found that I still had time To participate in this heart felt, World wide event. So please join me and all the others on a Magical Carpet ride.

For my giveaway, I have this smitten little Santa Bust to offer to you... I have sculpted him from several varieties of air dry clays. He would not be complete without a Banner, with words reminding us of this phenomenal event. " One World One Heart". If your heart desires this Santa, all you have to do is leave a comment by February 14Th. Below are the rules :)

1~ You must leave me a comment on this post. Please, only leave one comment.
2~ I would love you to leave an email address in case you are the lucky one, I can contact you.
3~ This is a wonderful blogging event, please make sure you are an active blogger.
4~ Since I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway on February 15Th, I can no longer take comments after 11:59 pm on February 14Th.

*Thanks for stopping by on your Magic Carpet Ride*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Ebay Listing! Easter Ghost?

Hey, It's Me! The Easter Lovin' Ghost.....

This is the real Me! When Halloween has come and gone and my candy pail is empty from all those Scrum*dilly*Uptious treats, I dont get sad, I get glad ! I put on my Best Bunny mask and I gather the most beautiful decorated eggs. They fit perfectly in my candy pail.

If you are a Halloween collector and have those winter blues, I can add a little pa*dazzle to your day and Spring you right outta those blues..After Easter we are almost half way to Halloween, But until then, let's CELEBRATE SPRING! You can find me on Ebay

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big As A Bear!

A Male Black Bear weighs anywhere from 180 pounds to 200 pounds.... and , well I hate to say it, But I out weigh that ol' Black Bear by 4 pounds. I know, I was shocked too!
I never ever, ever normally would admit this to you. I would just try to hide all my Voluptuous curves under a big T-shirt. You see, the t-shirt is getting tighter and tighter, and I am feeling sluggish and down right rotten.
I am a pasta, Bread and chocolate brownie loving fool! Not kidding a bit..
I have a struggle at home because I love, down home ( Paula Dean Style) cooking'
Oh, and at work is even worse. I work in a Bakery and if that isnt bad enough, we have a big tray of samples every single stinkin day and that big tray sits right in front of me, where I decorate the cakes. A.. Huh.. You guessed it.. I cant even concentrate on my job. I find myself totally distracted by those scrum*dilly*umtious goodies sitting right before my eyes..My double chin indicates that I cant keep my sugar addicted fingers outta the demo tray. Now that I have shared my character defects with you, I will get serious about this post.

I have a Son who is 28 years old. He is a wonderful person who has had some some struggles of his own. Although we would like changes to happen overnight they plain and simple just don't. I have watched my son over the last eight months battle an alcohol addiction and become a healthy eater and he also works out on a regular basis. I've seen his personality shine as It once did before his addiction. He is caring, Articulate and Brilliant and he loves his Mother so much and wants her to be around for a long time, that he signed me up for a New beginnings Life changes contest. It's kinda like the "Biggest Loser" Reality show. This class is ran by a doctor and several fitness trainers. I was skeptical.. The thought of giving up all the bad carbs and sugary treats and EXERCISE, just gave me shivers... I had to go, but I was doing it for my Son, how could I let him down? When I got there to the class, I looked around.. there were so many people just like me.. needing a healthy change.. and somehow, I don't think they were there for all the prizes you can win.. I think they were there for themselves.. After listening to the orientation speech, being weighed and measured( WE wont go there) I left not doing this for my Son, instead I found a ray of hope in that group of people. I left there wanting to make a life change for myself. I want to add one more thing.. My son, signed up for this class for the second time, to offer support to his mama, he sat by my side all evening. That is the best gift of love a mom could have. Thank you Tony, Your Mamma Loves you :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... it is cold outside, in fact.. it has been one long cold winter! With that said, it is no surprise that I've jumped to SPRING creations. Think Happy Spring thoughts, Happy Spring thoughts!
I've been creating some Fresh, Fun Spring goodies for the the Pfatt Marketplace which will be listed February 10Th. But, in the meantime I have this Collectible, Mischievous Little Bunny Ornament available for adoption on Ebay . I wasn't sure if I would get him finished for this weeks ebay listing, as I have had this irritating headache for the last three days. I couldn't even do any blog visiting :( anyways, Last night I finally kicked the ol' headache monster and was able to finish this feller and list him this morning.
I have a date with my sister in law today. We are headed to the thrift shop to find some Trash that we can turn into Treasures. I'm excited, It would even make it that much merrier if you all could come.
Actually, I will be looking for some gadgets and gears for an upcoming * STEAMPUNK * challenge ( More on that later).
Anyway, I'd better go and catch up on my chores since I was a DEADHEAD for the last three days.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

*BEE* Mine, Ebay Auction!

This *OOAK* Ornament, concludes my Valentine's Creations for 2010'
This pudgy little Bee is Buzzing in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
She is available for adoption on Ebay

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things..

Isn't this the sweetest? These two" Fine Original Paintings" were made for me by a young and talented artist, My 7 year old Grandson , Parker .

I love everything about these paintings, especially love the colors Parker put into each painting.
I think there is nothing in this world that compares to the artwork created from eye of a child. A Gift to cherish . These two special gifts from Parker inspired me to dedicate one wall in my home as a Gallery for all my gran children's art.. UH' OH' Alan.. I have some honey do's for you... I thought by adding strips of a chunky molding, I can create nice ledges for the canvas' to rest upon. I thought this would look nicer then nail holes and also if any of my grandchildren get their hands into clay, I can display their sculptures here and there between the paintings. Thank you again Parker for these wonderful masterpieces you painted for me..

My eyes were in pure delight as I was opening this lovely handmade gift from Linda,( my sister in law) on Christmas morning. Linda knows me all to well... everything about this calendar tickles my soul and makes me smile...

My genius sis Linda, created this perpetual calendar on a Cookie sheet pan. "CLEVER"

She used all the colors to match my "RED" Kitchen, and adorned it with this sweet vintage print of a girl and her dollies. Thank you again, Linda Sue... I love this gift you made with love for me.

I've been Partying!

Wow, I've been up all night long.. I've had a wonderful time in a world of enchantment and fun. You Must go and see for yourself, the magic that awaits you.... It's Sweet B Folk Art and Retro Rudolph's Birthday party and they have invited all of you....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pfatt Marketplace 2010!

The time has come, that I can truly unveil my Pfatt Marketplace goodies for January 2010!
I don't usually create much for Valentine's. My creative mind is usually stuck in Halloween, Christmas and Easter. But, this year the * LOVE BUG * flew in my ear, whispering Sugary, glittery SWeeT ideas while I sleep... Waking with a sense of candy coated ideas, I couldnt be rude and not act on the gift that was so sweetly whispered to me from the *LOVE BUG* So I madly began to create, so that I can pass on the * MaGIc * of the Love Bug to you.....
See you there at the Pfatt Marketplace :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gourdqueen is having a Give*a*way !

This is something to SCREAM..........................................ABOUT !!!!! My talented friend Linda A.K.A. Gourdqueen has hit her 100th blog post, and she is celebrating with a Blog Give*a*way! For a chance to win this handsome fellow, hop on over to her BLOG.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lisa's Blogiversary Giveaway!

To celebrate the New Year and Her Two year Blogiversary, Lisa Lectura is having a giveaway!
Who wouldn't want one Lisa's fabulous paintings! I really, really hope I win and I hope you do too, so buzz on over and see what you could WIN!

Martha's Piggy Bank!

Hi all you fabulous artsy bloggers. I hope your Holidays were everything you wanted them to be :)
I had one of the best Holidays ever and on Monday I will share some of the pics and memories with you.. But, first I would like to share one of my goals for the New Year and I hope I don't scare anyone off with what I am about to mention.... Yes, I am already thinking of Christmas 2010! Yepper, Skippy I always say that I am going to do a homemade Christmas and I never seem to have the time to get everything that I want to accomplish finished in time for Christmas. Does this ever happen to any of you?
My sister- in- law Linda Sue ( who is a quilting and crafting genius) suggested to start early, like January and make several items each month. She's so smart ;)
Anyways, I thought I would take her clever advice.
And then good ol' Martha enticed me with these darling Piggy Banks . So I have my first homemade Christmas 2010 project for January all cut out for me. I thought I would make one for each of my grand babies, each to suit their unique style.
At the end of the month I will share pics of the mad Piggy making fun. Until then I thought I would share Martha's link, just in case you have someone in your life that needs a little piggy bank :)