Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You are in my thoughts everyday. I keep your loving and kind spirit in my heart always.

Roy and June came down for a visit the other day, with their arms full of their freshly picked harvest. Peppers,Jalapenos, tomatoes Yum! Along with the scrum-dilly-umptious veggi's, June gifted me with this warm and cozy sign that she had made.
We enjoyed their visit so much. Thank you two, for a wonderful day :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Season,Old WIPS!

The magic of this Autumn season has evoked the creative spirit within...
My studio is alive with with a magic energy once again.
Upon a shelf in my little yellow studio, has been home to several WIP's..... I started the creation of these little guys back in the spring. Geez, and there they have sat and sat. Not by choice at first. More so, by the events in my life, leaving no time for creativity. However, as my time began to free up, I had lost interest in the old and started with new, neglecting those poor little spirits upon the shelf.
I have been locked away in my studio the past few days, deep in my own magical world. Snuggled up with flannel jamma bottoms, over sized sweatshirt and cozy,wozy,fuzzy slippers. The open window allows the cool, crisp Autumn air to flow through my studio bringing a sprinkle of magic with it. One of the MANY lovely gifts this season brings. As I was waiting for some clay to dry on a piece that I am currently working on.. I glanced up at the shelf and with that very glance, I was overwhelmed with new inspiration for the little lost ones just sitting there looking back at me. They have made their way down to my table, each one of them shouting out ideas at me :) Isn't it an amazing what a new season can bring...

First, I will give you a little insight of what I have been working on the past few days...
I joined this great swap hosted by the wonderful Zan Asha. I just recently met Zan and I am simply amazed at her talent and energy! You can visit this amazing and very interesting gal at this link
Zan hooked me up with a swap partner. I don't think I can share her name at this point, but I can tell you that she is a truly talented and gifted doll artist. I know without a doubt I will love what she creates for me and I will be honored to have such a gift to display in my home.
I can only hope that this talented gal will be just as pleased with the creation I will have for her.

Okay, so I had to blur the pic up a bit.. as this is a big secret!!! I think, you might think, you know what it is going to be . But, do you really? Bawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Remember Bug and his pal the Turtle? He made his way back to the table to be doted on with new inspiration.

Next up is my punkin' carvin' goth girl...(Say that three times as fast as you can).

Ohhh, and this one is very special! This is for my mom for Christmas. I have used several clays and will be carving in his eyes. I am aiming for old, prim with a hint of elegance.

There is an interesting meaning with these old buttons that adorn the base and will be carried up through the Santa's hat.
Back in the 70's my parents and us kids, went to old ghosts towns out here in the west. These old desert towns had nothing standing, just dirt, old wood here and there and very old iron gated graveyards dating back to the mid 1800's.
These buttons were gathered by us over a ten year span. You see, each time it rained old remnants of the past would raise to the top of the soil. It was a magical treasure hunt. We would find old buttons, clay and glass marbles and china dolls. Since this particular town was a railroad town and many Chinese worker, worked on the railroad. this is where they called home. We would find opium bottles( Sometimes full with the cork in it) and Chinese checkers and coins. We had boxes of these finds from the past and I thought it would be a real special way to give these old treasures new life.

This is Jack dancing over the moon. Jack is a Peddler of all things Halloween. He will be for my private collection, to be displayed on our Halloween buffet table.

I am thankful everyday for being given the gift of the seasons and cherish the spark of emotions it evokes within.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I got up this morning at the crack of early. Later on in the day, I will probably be wondering why in the world do I do this to myself.
I woke up at midnight, worried about several special order cakes that I need to create at work this morning. Most of the time I don't worry about designing the cakes however, these particular customers are very pacific and detailed in what they want. So I sketched a design for each cake and I feel much better now.
Since I have plenty of time to spare before getting ready for work, I thought I would go through some of my past artwork and decide what design I will use for our Halloween open house invitations.
I chose this design from an ACEO I did last summer. I will create the invitations postcard style, with all the info on the back of the card. After I print the cards, I would like to add to each card some magical glitter around the edges. I just like glitter!Well, this is getting me terribly excited! And I think it is not to early to get started on the planning. I have grundles of candy filled poppers to make for all the little kiddos, and a spooky buffet style dinner to plan and of course the decorations to put up! I have noticed that some people around town are already in the spirit of Halloween and have started decorating their yards. I love this time of year!
Well, enough of daydreaming and party planning, I have to get ready for work.. I daydream there too :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


I think that I enjoy creating a piece of art for a swap partner, more so then creating a piece of art to sell. I have participated in only a handful of swaps. Each time, I have found it to be totally fulfilling to the heart and soul.
An e-bay group that I belong to, AHQU ( Artistic Halloween Queens Unite) Was having a Halloween Ornie Swap. I just couldn't resist the sweet temptation to join. The gal who would be receiving an ornie from me, is the talented Jamie from Peach Street Primitives. . She received her ornie today, so it is safe to show you the pic. Well... To be honest, I had to wait for Jamie to take a pic because I was so excited to send her the ornie, that I plum forgot to take one. I like the way Jamie takes pics anyhow :)
This is a Bat girl ornie. I created her using a banana gourd, paper clay and glitter. She was so much fun to create and I loved the way she turned out!
Can't Wait for another swap!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Dream ..

Through all of this hard work, and myself at times having a piss poor attitude about the physical labor involved, I never knew how much I would enjoy and cherish somebody's dream. The dream was that of my husbands. A dream he had to have a sanctuary that seemed far away from the world around us, with a waterfall, a running stream and a beautiful large pond. A secret, secluded and peaceful place for family and friends to escape from the stresses that can occur from our day to day life. I had the morning to myself, something that is very rare for me lately. I decided I would take a early morning walk down to our pond. While I was waiting for daybreak I brewed a fresh pot of coffee. MMMMMMMMMMM, I love that smell! Walking down the path, I take my first break by the Waterfall. It is so peaceful.. A few weeks ago,I rescued some distressed ground cover from the nursery and it seems to be doing quite well near the waterfall. I am very optimistic that next spring it will flourish.
The stream is ever so magical. In the spring, I plan to add some plantings along the the streams edge.

Meandering along the path beside the stream, my eyes glance up and with a gasp I am taken by the beauty of the pond. I cant help but feel the tranquility that surrounds me.. I hadn't realized until this moment that My Husbands dream and hard work was a special gift for his family and friends to enjoy.

We were not going to get any plants for the pond until the spring, as the cool Autumn months are quickly approaching. However, we couldn't stand it, we had to pick up a few waterlilies..

and cattails (I call them toolies).

A view of the stream emptying into the pond...

There is still much to do this fall.. we have our mighty little dog Lizzy, working hard along with us. She is digging a trench for the power that will run down to our sanctuary. We have much bark to lay and a few shrubs to plant before the first snowfall and in the state of Utah that can be at anytime.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful morning with me...