Saturday, August 29, 2009

Geez... My eyeballs open and I roll over to look at the clock, it's 1:00 a.m. I thought I had better try to go back to sleep as I have to be to work at 6:oo a.m. No such luck as so many feelings and thoughts of my daughter are running through my head. My daughter, Amanda has been very, very ill. She is pregnant with her second child (which we recently found out is a little girl). Her first pregnancy was rough as she already had multiple and complicated female problems.
Her Dr. encouraged her to have one more child before he gave her a total hysterectomy. He did not feel her second pregnancy would be as painful and complicated as the first.
Boy was he ever FREAKING WRONG! And, I am very PISSED!!! But who am i to be so upset? I am only the Mother who has to watch her baby suffer in the most excruciating pain 24 hours a day and they say it may even get worse... she has 17 weeks left.. She is in and out of the hospital 3 doctor's and recently a 4th working with her.. but, they are feeling a bit helpless as well. They have spent hours consulting with each other and researching her condition and a plan for the pain as they know that it would be the cruelest of cruel to let her live in this agony for 17 more weeks. However, they have to be so very careful as the little life inside her could be damaged from the pain medications.
I guess I haven't really explained what it is she is suffering from. several weeks ago Amanda's bladder started to not function. With further testing it revealed Hydronephrosis in her Kidneys. This is a fairly common thing to see in a pregnant woman but it is usually very mild and goes away very quickly sometimes without notice. As for Amanda, her hydronephrosis was severe. Her right Kidney was completely blocked. Although surgery was a great risk for the unborn child, it had to be done. without the surgery Amanda's Kidney would rupture leaving irreversible damage and in some cases death. The surgery was performed last Sunday morning. The Urologist said it was really bad, he drained the kidney and placed a stint in the tube that leads from to the kidney. He had to leave the stint in as her Kidney was under so much pressure and taking it out would would lead to Kidney failure. The surgery went well however, one of the complications was going into early labor. which she did and has been ever since. they are giving her medication 24/7 to stop the labor but it only helps for a few hours . The contractions are hard and painful and not to mention the excruciating pain from her kidneys. They give her as much pain medication as they can without putting the baby in danger but it still doesn't cut the pain. If you have ever had a kidney stone then you can know her pain and this is relentless, it doesn't let up and to know that she will have to endure that pain for many, many weeks just breaks my heart.
My mom and sister-in-law have been wonderful helping out with Kasen (He is now two and he just cant run a muk! lol..). When Amanda is home from the hospital she is on complete bed rest. I have been staying with Amanda on my days off of work and my mom and sister-in-law have have been there when I am at work. My Son-in-law has been wonderful as well. Although he would like to stay home and take care of her, he is the bread winner, so he goes to work then takes over the care of Amanda and Kasen when he gets home.
I am praying that everything will be okay with both the my daughter and the baby. I get mixed emotions everyday about this pregnancy, but then I look at my grandson Kasen and the little miracle that he is and I know that Amanda's pain will all be forgotten when she holds that little girl in her arms.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camping Buddies

Well, to my surprise as I was visiting my families blogs I found these cute pictures of my Grandson Kasen and my Great-Nephew Jace. Now I knew that they had took the boys on their first camping trip and had tons of fun but i didn't know they took pictures. So, I had to steal them for show n' tell.... I guess one way to get a toddler all tuckered out is to go camping. The little guy can barely keep his eyeballs open!

And what's campin' if you don't get a little bit dirty!

Well, I guess it takes a little bit more then campin' to tire Jace out! He is diggin' the dirt though...

Well, it didn't take long to find the tub once they got home and the ice cream truck :)
Jace and Kasen are second cousins and best little buds. I think it is so great that they have the opportunity to grow up and explore new fun filled adventures together.
And very, very soon my niece will be visiting from Florida with her son Dillon. It Will be wonderful to see all the baby boys playing together.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Have You Ever,Ever Had a Boo Bar?

Lil' Boo has been concocting up some Chocolaty goodness! Just in time for all the Spooky Goblins. Boo is a very proud Chocolatier Ghost, whom has just released his newest, darkly sweet candy bar. It is the "Boo Bar" Here he is.. proud as can be, advertising his newest sweet invention.
Boo invites you to click on this link and together you can travel through the speed of light to the only place you can get a Bigger peek at Boo and his newest scum-dilly-umptious creation. Boo is also offering to go home with the highest bidder . What a SWEET deal :)