Thursday, June 25, 2009

pond day 5

There is something about a dump truck that fascinates me.. I feel like a little child every time I see one, if i'm real close I get a tickle in my belly...

at 9:30 this morning we had 6 tons of pea gravel delivered for the pond.

We had to trim the trees a bit so the dump truck could get in the driveway..

I got down into the pond to start arranging rock inside the pond. We have grundles of medium to large rock from our yard. This is good news since the price of river rock is so high. I'm building up the sides of the pond, alternating various sizes of rock and pea gravel. We are really pleased with the way it is turning out, although we are far from finished. there is a whole lot of black liner to cover.We have had a lot of moisture this season and today was sunny and clear. The liner got so hot we had to add a bit of water to cool it down enough that I could work in there.

This is the part of the pond project I really like.. there is quite a bit of creativity that goes into a pond.

And this is Tessa.. always a part of our world.
Well, we will see you next wednesday for pond day 6.. Did I mention with our schedules we only have time to work on the pond on Wednesdays? Good heck, I hope we can get her finished by fall!! I'm already planning a party down by the pond roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, sipping on hot apple cider on a cozy, crisp fall evening.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day...

Alan, The love of my life and my Children's DAD... 15 years ago this wonderful man walked into my life and unselfishly has shared his life with my children..Through thick and thin Alan has always been there for our children.. He is their hero as he is mine...
The kids prepared a scrum-dilly-umptious Mexican supper for their dear ol' dad. Chicken enchiladas,Spanish rice,fresh salsa and re fried beans, can you say yum!!!

Maybe it's not a very traditional thing to do on a day of rest and pampering for the hard working fathers, but you know the saying "No rest for the wicked" Ha,ha..
The boys wanted to help Alan get the pond liner in, so as hard as it was after a most scrumptious meal, they got to work. Damn.. this is one heavy bugger!

The liner is 30 x 30 feet of thick heavy rubber it was quite a job for my four BIG BOYS!!! And, quite a sight to be hold... Tiff, Kasen and Jasmine overseeing the big job.

My son-in-law Rob is the baldy(He,he) my son-in-law Chris is giving us the lovely butt shot and the fella in the bright blue shirt is our son( Baby boy) Tony.

our boy Tony, is thinking he really deserves an ice cold beer!

Here is our daughter Tiffanie, any day now Tiff ???? She is expecting her first child any day!!! We cant freakin wait...

This is our Granddaughter, Jasmine. She's a bit camera shy for Grandma..

Here is my youngest, Mandi. She is pregnant with her second child. She's a trooper, her pregnancy has many complications so she is on bed rest for the next 6 months of her pregnancy.. but she is keeping in good spirits.
We had a wonderful evening together.. Alan is so very proud of each of our children and they love him with all their hearts:) What can be better then that!
Thank you Alan for sharing your love with all of us. You are the perfect Husband and DAD.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When you have only one day a week that you can devote to your dream pond...
sometimes the weather can dampen your spirits, or....
it can give you a much needed lazy,lovely,rainy Wednesday spent with the love of your life cuddled up on the couch (Sorry, no pictures of the cuddle bugs!)


About a week ago Alan and I ( More so I) added a new member to our family. I've been aching to show you pic's of our new baby but she's too fast for the camera. Her name is Lizzy and she is a 4month old Chiuwauwa ( dont know for the life of me how to spell that). I got her from my sister-in-law and I just love her guts. As you can see in the video our older dog, Queen Tessa loves her guts as well. Maybe in a few weeks, months, or years when she settles down long enough for a snapshot, I can give you a close-up of her sweet little face.

Monday, June 15, 2009


OMH! ( Oh My Hell) I could just SCREAM! Do you recognize those words? I thought so.. they are the famous words straight from the Queen of Gourds herself, "THE GOURDQUEEN"
I am so honored to have received this amazing award from such a talented, kind and uplifting Artist and friend.
Thank You Gourdie! Those of you who know the Gourdqueen, know that when she see's something incredible or something that excites her, she shows her enthusiasm by typing "SCREAM".

This award is to be shared with anyone whose blog you just love. Whether it's their art, their interests, the things they share, you just simply love to visit their blog!This is what you do:

1~Accept the award then post it on your blog with the name and link of the person's blog who shared this award with you.

2~Explain the award.

3~Then share the award with at least 10 blogs that make you SCREAM! Please tell what makes their blog so special to you. Be sure to let them know they have received the award. Also you can share this award again if you run across more bloggers that make you SCREAM!Now to start SCREAMING!

I would now like to pass this award to the people and their blogs that make me SCREAM!

1- RetroRudolphs Lori's work is perfection! She is a very talented lady with a wonderful blog.

2- Hope in the Heart of Darkness I think Karen's art is so unique and creative. I always enjoy visiting her blog to see what she's up to next!

3- Mother's Dream Artworks Sheryl is a multi-talented artist. Her sculptures make smile and her canvas paintings take my breath away. I enjoy visiting her blog for her love of art, her family and other artists.

4-Dark Ravens Nest Sonia is kind and shares so much through her blog.
Her artwork inspires me and I really enjoy seeing her WIP's.

5-She Devils Sweets & Skullies I had to SCREAM the first time I saw this young artists work. She is amazing!

6- Just me and Mom Okay, I love these two Mother and son duo. Kari is a Fantastic decorator and a modest artist and my 7 year old grandson has creates magic in his artwork!
7-Pieces of Me Sheila's blog is one of the first blogs i ever started reading. She is a wonderful and kind person and she creates the most precious paper mache Santa's.

8-Funky Junk Interiors I LOVE this blog! This gal is the most creative person I have ever come across.Through her garage sale finds, she creates funky and fun masterpieces for the home.

9-King of Mice Studios I find Carolee to be Brilliant in her art and her writings. Her blog takes me to a magical place.

10- Bone Head Studios Flora is one amazing artist! Her work is incredible as well as her gift of sharing with others .

Go check these blogs out and have a little SCREAM!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reminiscing for Inspiration

I wandered down to the studio today... I wanted to check on things and make sure the Gremlins hadn't run off with all my unfinished creations. Once in awhile I get into a little funk. Sometimes it is because I get real busy with other things or sometimes I might get let down. But, before you know it, I'll have that burning desire to pick up where I left off and create again.. However, this time I'm really FUNKED!
My eyes wandered over to the closet where I have much of my magical supplies. I was searching for something in those boxes to give me just a little inspiration... I glanced over to the portrait of a little girl I have hanging on the wall.. I couldn't help but smile as I remembered why I hung a picture of this girl in the studio closet. I'll tell you why... When I was all but five years of age I thought of myself as an artist, and since I was an artist I felt it was very,very important to have a studio. I tried to convince my mother on several occasions to let me turn the closet into an artists paradise... Her response in an oh so loving way was.. absolutely not!
Although I did not get my studio at the young age of five, my mother assured me that I could create masterpieces at the kitchen table..
I began reminiscing of the creativity I had as a child, my mind freely flowing with ideas creating exactly what was in my mind as i perceived it without limitations or boundaries..
As a child, I had several special people in my life who always supported me from a very young age.. My mother, who was my teacher of art. She encouraged ,taught and critiqued. My Father, he was proud and always encouraged and my sweet Grandmother who displayed all my creations proudly on her dresser. I feel very fortunate to have had such wonderful support from my loved ones.
It became very clear as to why I hung the picture in the closet. The little girl now has her very own studio in the closet and most importantly, It was to always remember the child artist in myself.. to create freely from the heart.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pond Day 2

Ahhh, today is a perfect day to work on the pond. It is a cool day, with thick cloud cover and every so often releasing a heavy rain..lasting just long enough for a relaxing coffee break, then back to work. Alan is the Lone Wolf out in the yard today. I am taking charge of the much needed domestic duties inside.

Alan has brought the pond up to the depth he needed. Today he is building the shelves where the aquatic plants will rest. When I walked out there to take a coffee break with Alan, I was pleasantly surprised.. The pond is now taking shape and I couldn't help but visualize the aquatic plants that will find their home there in the pond.

Let's take a walk to the shade garden next to the patio.. I love the way it looks after a good rain.

Oh, one of the things on my must do list is RE-plant the tomatoes..I am a learn by my mistakes type of gal when it comes to gardening. Last year my brother-in-law brought Alan and I a grundle of fresh tomatoes straight from his garden. They were Scrum-dilly-umptious!!! So, this year i thought i would give it a whirl and plant my own tomatoes. And I did just that as you can see in the pot. I was so proud til my mama stopped by and she is quite a green thumb and she said.. well Dianie you wont get any tomatoes from those plants the pots are too small and it will get root rot..
Yep, so I learned something new from my mom about growing tomatoes in pots and I will be getting a Big pot very soon so we can have a grundle of tomatoes.

I had to take just one more peek at Alan before I go back into the domestic mess.. He dont even now I'm there.. he has his headphones on listen to some good country music.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Pond Day 1

This summer the pond is going in!!! I thought it would be great to keep a little diary of the start to finish of this project as I am not as motivated as Alan and there is a good chance I might throw a childish tantrum here and there along this journey and want to give up. But, with this picture diary, I can now reflect back and see how far we have come and find the motivation somewhere in that full figured body to keep working away..

That is me down in the pond. When the backhoe dug the hole he dug a little deeper then we had wanted. It was 31/2 and 4 feet in some areas. Today we are filling in to about 2 feet in some areas and 3 feet in others. My title is.. the LEVELER! Hey, I wonder if Levelers get paid? I would take it in the form of a puppy..

Alan has brought wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of fill dirt.

I'm a dreamer since birth so any spare moment I have you will find me daydreaming. I'm dreaming that I would really like to take a break in that chair sitting beneath the aspens....

see.. there's even a chair for Alan..

Oh Crap, You scared me! Daydreamin is over, there's Alan with another load of dirt.

This is a view of the pond area. The pic was taken from our top level of the yard. The ponds measurements are 26 feet long, 18 feet wide with a 48 foot long by 3 feet wide stream. At the top of the stream will be a waterfall. to the right of the stream we had put in a path last summer only to realize that we needed to wait on the path until the pond was complete. So we kinda ripped most of the path out. Live and Learn...

When the pond is complete we can sit beneath the aspens and roast a few wieners over the fire pit while viewing the pond. Yay!! That's inspiration right there :)
Thanks for visiting today, next time we will be building up the shelves that will hold the aquatic plants.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I really haven't forgot my little Bug & Turtle... in fact, I make a quick trip to the studio to check on them every single day, making sure all is well with the little creatures. As Much as I try to use my time management skills I still haven't made much time for art. My work schedule has changed and I am working more hours at my day job. In my spare time I have been dividing it up with all those chores that come along with Spring and Summer and I have thoroughly enjoyed them at a leisurely pace, taking many breaks to appreciate the beauty around me, and listen to the birds sing their songs.... My daughter Amanda has moved back to town, in fact just down the street.. and I just cant help but to stop in and say hi and visit those grand babies of mine. . Very soon my oldest daughter Tiffanie will be having her first bundle of joy. I am sooo excited :) Amanda and I have been planning her baby shower.. Oh, what fun!!! The shower is scheduled for this coming Sunday, which will be held at one of our lovely and SHADY parks here.
Back to the BUG! Since we last spoke, I have made a little progress with my bug & Turtle... as I sat down in my studio that early morning a few weeks ago.. I realized that I couldn't go any further on the piece until I created the base, as my bug and turtle doll will be secured to the base. So this is what my next step in the creation is... For that texture I am trying to create, I used some natural elements ( Dried Moss and Mica Flakes) saturated in this wonderful Sculptor's Fa-Brick(GREAT STUFF!) It dries rock hard leaving wonderful natural looking texture. I mixed the Mica flakes with the Sculptor's Fa-Brick to make a thick pasty medium. It was an experiment and by golly I just love the way it turned out! So that is a keeper in my experiment book.

This pic here shows the base and where I applied the moss and mica flake mixture. It is all dry and I have since then painted the base. I will show those pics later... But now I want to show you some of my favorite creations..

Here are my two of my three greatest creations. Amanda is the cute gal in the blue she is my youngest daughter, and Tiffanie is the cute gal in the red. As you can see, Tiffy is the one having the the new little bundle of joy in just 6 weeks.
I couldn't ask for better daughters. They are perfect in my eyes..

I found this pic somewhere, awhile back. Aren't they the cutest little birds? I posted this pic because I could hear the birds sing from my window as I was writing this post. What a lovely sound...