Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome Home Rylee!

Little Rylee and Mama went home last night :) YAY!!!! Dad and big brother Kasen were so happy to have the both of them home. Kasen and Dad took a trip to the local Walmart to pick up a few Preemie Jammie's. Amanda had taken her newborn Jammie's with her to the hospital and when she put them on Rylee she said, you couldn't find the sweet little angel.
I called last night and talked to big brother Kasen ( He Is TWO) I asked him if he had a new little sissy and he told me no! His Mama said he is a big helper, he likes to put the Binky in her mouth and hold her with moms help. I think he doesn't want Nana to know he has a new sister and wants to keep her all to himself. LOL.... Nana knows.....
I caught a cold over the weekend so I have stayed far away until it passes. I can hardly wait to hold my new granddaughter for the first time!

I would like to send from our family, a special thank you for all your prayers and comforting words. Hugs


Sarah said...

Oh this is wonderful...so glad they are home! What a sweety!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So glad she is home. She really is a beauty!

Zan Asha said...

Hello My Friend!

I was just now reading your super-sweet comments about my Thanksgiving, and was going to write a little note, but I just wanted to tell you here how HAPPY I am to see your new little grandbaby home! I hope all is going well, and I'll tell you, she is gonna be a handful--so fasten your seatbelt ;D

PS--I always have open beds at my house so consider it an open invitation to come over to visit NYC anytime!!! :)

Gourdqueen said...

Awww look how teeninie and precious she is!
You are such a lucky Nana!

Sue said...

Rylee is so sweet! You must be in agony Grandma waiting to hold her!

So happy that she is home now and doing well. Congrats to the family..what a beautiful Christmas gift!