Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, Martha!

This morning, while finishing up my PFATT Marketplace goodies, I took a little break to look at Martha's new craft project. WOW! I LOVE these cute little party favors. They would make cute little gifts for your friends at work. I always save my paper towel rolls for poppers. I like this idea better!! If you would like the How- To, for this project just click on MARTHA


Sarah said...

Oh Diane..I looove themmm!! So pretty! Thanks for sharing. I love her shows during the holidays.always get such fun ideas!! Have a great day, Sarah

Sue said...

These are SO perfect! Thanks Diane for the sharing the link! I am going to make up a couple this week.


PS....I'm still in awe over my monster!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Sarah and Sue,
Thanks for stopping by :) They are pretty.. I thought they were so unique. I am going to make some up tomorrow for the ladies I work with.