So Bummed!

Well geez! I had some WIP pic's that i was sooo excited to show you but............. We got a new computer two weeks ago (it still sits in the box, waiting for the new computer room to be painted) So this very old computer is going in my studio. My husband wanted it to be faster and all that good stuff so he had my daughter and niece dump it and re- format the bugger ( whatever that means?). Anyways, This fine morning I took some great pic's of my WIP's and you know how exciting it is to plug that chip thingy in and download the pic's to your computer. Well, It wasn't that exciting because it wouldn't freakin upload. SCREAM!!! I am a true computer dummy. I tried everything, I even contemplated whether or not this was an emergency and should wake my daughter up in these wee morning hours. Darn it! well from what I can tell, they never installed my up loader thingy for my camera and I don't even have a clue how to do that! See, told you I was a true, blue computer dummy. So, I have no pic's to share and I am going through serious withdraws!! MANDA, if you read this post today, PLEASE,PLEASE COME HELP YOUR MOTHER!! I WILL BAKE YOU COOKIES :)


Zan Asha said…
Yikes, I know what you mean! Sometimes it's very frustrating working with technology--for me, my computer or camera tends to break down just when I need it--DOH! I hope you can get your pics up soon!
Codys Keepsakes said…
I hate computers....they never seem to work for me and give me fits. Ill ask my daughter too ans she's like daaaah mom.....I bribe her too....good your work also.
Okay, I am sorry, but I am laughing. My computer crashed a few months ago and I lost tons of stuff. I was depressed for weeks. So I know how you feel. I just chuckle that you write a message to your daughter. Just shows how much we depend on the stupid things. (Sorry, computer, you are not stupid, I love you...) Ha ha Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments Dianie, always love to hear from you! Big hug,
Georgina said…
I feel your pain. I know this computer is going to crash any day now, but oh well...what's a techno dummy to do!!! The only child who helped put up with his dummy mother now lives in Dallas. I actually downloaded my own anti virus software and you would think I had just discovered gold in my office!!! LOL Hang in there, my is on the way...even if you have to lure them with cookies!!!
Sue said…
I fortunately have a hubby who is very technically inclined - unfortunately whenever I seem to need his expertise, he is out of town. I hope you can get your pics up soon!

Doran & Jody said…
Hey! I'll come fix it for cookies!!
Mandi said…
You can pretend I uploaded it for you and still bake me those cookies!! :)
merelyadream said…
I can't do anything with computers LOL
Diane I have left you an award on my blog for you to pick up :)

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