Monday Morning Therapy...

When I awake in the mornings, I have several routines depending on If I work or don't work, or if I have a later shift. However, one thing that is the same every day is that my eyes open and I think about and worry more then I should, of the ones that I hold closest to my heart and soul, my family. Isn't this just part of being a daughter, wife,mother and grandmother? I think sometimes, I let my worries run rampid though..
This morning, while visiting some lovely blogs boasting with beautiful pic's of Mother Earths spectacular colors and changes, gracefully preparing for a long winters nap. I felt a sense of warm and cozy peace.
What a lovely way to quiet your worries and enjoy the now, before it passes by...

I snatched up the camera and of course a big ol' mug of coffee and headed on my own adventure in the mystical land of fall. A light cozy sweater was needed for the crisp Autumn air.
My all time favorite is the burning bush. I get lost in its magnificent color...

Old insulators add interest year round...

The Mountain Sumac. I love this trees whimsical grace... When I was a child our back yard was at the edge of the mountains. The Mountain Sumac grew abundantly and we would make little huts underneath the trees. I would lay down under the trees and gaze up at the twists and turns of every branch, amazed at the Lords creation.

A row of quaking aspens... pure magic when their leaves dance in the wind...

Can you see the delicate raindrops in the pond?

A view of the majestic mountains from my porch. I would so much love one day, to have a studio with a big picture window overlooking these magnificent sculptures !
Thanks for sharing my walk with me.. Great therapy for the mind and soul...


Sue said…
What a wonderful view you have from your home. Thank you for transporting me to your little corner of the world and sharing these sights! I think I would sit taking them in every day - for way too long!

Hi Diane! Hope your continued worries die down soon. Love your mystical land of fall photos. Beautiful scenery! Wishing you success with your future studio dreams. That view would be fabulous to see everyday!

Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Have a great week!

Lisa :)
Designs By CK said…
Vishing you a VONDERFUL Hallowe'en!

SpOOky CK (-:

What a beautiful walk it was. Thank you for taking the time to share. Your garden and view is beautiful.

It's hard not to worry, but I'm glad you took the time out to enjoy peace, as well. It kind of balances out the worries, doesn't it?
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your visit :)
We Got our first snowfall yesterday! Lol... Bye,bye fall leaves..


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