Meet Tori !

This is "Tori " She is the first doll in a series of little Gothic " Tori " dolls that I am creating. Tori is very busy carving a Jack-o-lantern for her very favorite holiday!
She will be listed in my Etsy store tomorrow evening. I will provide a link tomorrow :)
I took seventeen pic's of this spirited little gal and this is the only pic that turned out half decent.
The backdrop is a bit dark and not to mention wild, she kinda looks lost in the 3rd dimension. Anyway, Alan said he would take over the photography department tomorrow. I love that man:)
If you are interested, be sure to check back.


Gourdqueen said…

LOl, Gourdie Thank you :)

Georgina said…
Just it!
Doran & Jody said…
She is SO cute!!!
I can't believe you can take a blog of clayish stuff and make it into something like this.

Love it Diane!!
Sue said…
Diane she is so cute! These should do really well for you!
Mandi said…
I am absolutely "IN LOVE" with Tori...

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