Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Man Cave...

Whew wee ! I've been busy as a Bee. Well, in a sorta leisurely kind of way. Lol...
This past week I've had oodles of fun doing what women do best. MULTITASKING!!!
In the Studio, Ive been working on some WIPS that I previously showed pics of and this new one. A sweet little Bee bust. Oh, and of course there is a mystical creature, or should I say MONSTER that is lurking in the little yellow studio. Now, he is quite a character. I chased him all over the studio trying to get him to pose for the camera, but he was to fast, hiding behind this and that. Finally, after I was all tuckered out from running circles within the little yellow studio, with one big yellow eye peeked up over the spools of ribbon he said.. For heaven sakes you silly ol' lady I don't have any pants on! And besides, my heart only belongs to one and only she will be the first to see me...( With pants on of course). I guess he told me!
Moving on to my weeks adventures..

This here was previously a spare room that became our storage room. It will now become my husbands MAN CAVE! Not your typical man cave though... Alan's cave will be filled with his amazing Native American style flutes that he carves from a block of wood. Some of you know my husband Alan's exquisite work .
Alan also plays the flute and this new room of his will be where he can record and make some wonderful CD's. I cant wait for a Christmas CD !

Let The Painting Begin....

As budgets have tightened I went with a cheaper brand of paint. Hmmmm, there are just some things you shouldn't skimp on.. I will be probably doing three coats of paint.
When I was strolling through the paint chips at our local Walmart, I came across a wonderful color. Partridge grey, I thought this color would be a fabulous backdrop for his flutes and of his wolf collection.

HMMmmmm? As the first coat of paint is going up I had a big ol' question mark ???? arise in my thoughts. Holy gee willikers, I hope the second coat looks better. When my husband peeked into the room I assured him that when this is all done, it wont look like he is sitting in a cement cell. I HAVE FAITH!
I will give an update when the room is complete :)

Guess what I found when I was cleaning out the cave?
This wonderful chair made from an old church bench. Years ago, My father in law gave us the set. There was one long bench and two chairs. The chairs were created from cutting one bench in half. When we received the set, they were pretty worn and weathered as they had been outside. My husband refinished them for me in a lovely cherry finish. In our previous spacious 1900 home we had them in the parlor. We have moved since then to a smaller cottage style home and was lacking the space for the quaint little benches. Reluctantly , I sold the bench and one chair leaving me with this lonely one. I have had my eye on some fabric that I am hoping to purchase soon and upholster up the back which will add some softness and not to mention make it more comfortable. When completed the old bench chair will find her resting spot in my living room.

And now for the BEST of the this week adventures! Painting my grandson's face for a Halloween party he was going to. It has been a very,very long time since I have painted a wiggly worm two year old. But it was so much fun and I get the honor to do it again this coming Saturday for Halloween.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Therapy...

When I awake in the mornings, I have several routines depending on If I work or don't work, or if I have a later shift. However, one thing that is the same every day is that my eyes open and I think about and worry more then I should, of the ones that I hold closest to my heart and soul, my family. Isn't this just part of being a daughter, wife,mother and grandmother? I think sometimes, I let my worries run rampid though..
This morning, while visiting some lovely blogs boasting with beautiful pic's of Mother Earths spectacular colors and changes, gracefully preparing for a long winters nap. I felt a sense of warm and cozy peace.
What a lovely way to quiet your worries and enjoy the now, before it passes by...

I snatched up the camera and of course a big ol' mug of coffee and headed on my own adventure in the mystical land of fall. A light cozy sweater was needed for the crisp Autumn air.
My all time favorite is the burning bush. I get lost in its magnificent color...

Old insulators add interest year round...

The Mountain Sumac. I love this trees whimsical grace... When I was a child our back yard was at the edge of the mountains. The Mountain Sumac grew abundantly and we would make little huts underneath the trees. I would lay down under the trees and gaze up at the twists and turns of every branch, amazed at the Lords creation.

A row of quaking aspens... pure magic when their leaves dance in the wind...

Can you see the delicate raindrops in the pond?

A view of the majestic mountains from my porch. I would so much love one day, to have a studio with a big picture window overlooking these magnificent sculptures !
Thanks for sharing my walk with me.. Great therapy for the mind and soul...

Friday, October 16, 2009

My man came through for me! Alan took some great pic's for me, so that I could give you a better look at this little sweetie! She is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Tori's mom said absolutely not to the blazing Magenta highlights. Soon after mom left for work, Tori played beauty parlor with a good ol' package of koolaid. I love her highlights :) , don't you?

ooey, gooey Punkin' guts!

That is a sharp knife...

Better keep a careful eye on my carvin'

My jack-o-lantern is freakin' awesome !

He will look great on my spooky decorated porch. I cant wait for mom to see :) !!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet Tori !

This is "Tori " She is the first doll in a series of little Gothic " Tori " dolls that I am creating. Tori is very busy carving a Jack-o-lantern for her very favorite holiday!
She will be listed in my Etsy store tomorrow evening. I will provide a link tomorrow :)
I took seventeen pic's of this spirited little gal and this is the only pic that turned out half decent.
The backdrop is a bit dark and not to mention wild, she kinda looks lost in the 3rd dimension. Anyway, Alan said he would take over the photography department tomorrow. I love that man:)
If you are interested, be sure to check back.

Here's my Trick, Where's my Treat!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

At last, my computer works... Yesterday, while away at work( One of my measly 4 hour shifts, hardly worth going) My night in shining armour(Alan) rescued me from the depths of the dark computer hole. Now, I don't know if he read my blog while i was away or if we are just so in tune with each other that he sensed I was suffering from a bad case of picture sharing withdrawals... But, as I came through that front door from a hard day at work(He,he,he) he said, " Honey, I downloaded all your stuff onto the computer, including an art program" JOY! :) I wrapped my arms around him and ?..............................................................................................

Okay on with the WIPS! This is my PUNKIN' CARVIN' GOTH GIRL. I love the way she is turning out. Most of my sculptures have a Gourd or Gourds as the canvas or in some case the armature. However, this little gal has a Styrofoam and wire armature. I first use Apoxie Sculpt on the sculpt wherever strength is needed. I then use paperclay. She is wearing a big ol' hoody and as you can see, I just need to add her sleeves. Then I can sand,prime,paint! Then she will be listed in my Etsy shop that has been so bare for months and months.

While waiting for clay to dry on the other four projects (Three of which I wont show till a later date), I pulled out the Puppen Fimo from my closet. I wanted to try this type of clay for awhile now and it has sat tucked away for several months. I was a little skeered of using this bake type clay but, hot diggety dog I LOVE IT!! Much, much to learn which is cool but all I can say is LOVE :) She is just tiny, actually I sculpted her sitting in a Walnut shell. He cat is peering through the crystal ball that she holds. Did I tell you she is going to be a Witch?

Okay, If you have worked with Apoxie Sculpt you know that it is pricey and once mixed you use it or lose it. Well their is no losing it around this house sooo I had an old cover girl makeup compact with the mirror inside. ( I save all kinds of stuff). Anywhoo, I covered the outside of the compact with the Apoxie Sculpt, then I sculpted a simple relief style design on top. What is really cool about this type of clay is... you can paint it before it is dry. Inside where the pressed powder used to be, I am placing a pic of my grand-daughter . So every time my daughter opens the compact to look in the mirror she will see her sweet bundle of joy.

I did have a heck of a time getting a good pic of the compact. the inscription reads, Just Be ...

Oh, and here is one of my two fur kids. Tessa, my friend. She is always keeping my toes warm while I create.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Bummed!

Well geez! I had some WIP pic's that i was sooo excited to show you but............. We got a new computer two weeks ago (it still sits in the box, waiting for the new computer room to be painted) So this very old computer is going in my studio. My husband wanted it to be faster and all that good stuff so he had my daughter and niece dump it and re- format the bugger ( whatever that means?). Anyways, This fine morning I took some great pic's of my WIP's and you know how exciting it is to plug that chip thingy in and download the pic's to your computer. Well, It wasn't that exciting because it wouldn't freakin upload. SCREAM!!! I am a true computer dummy. I tried everything, I even contemplated whether or not this was an emergency and should wake my daughter up in these wee morning hours. Darn it! well from what I can tell, they never installed my up loader thingy for my camera and I don't even have a clue how to do that! See, told you I was a true, blue computer dummy. So, I have no pic's to share and I am going through serious withdraws!! MANDA, if you read this post today, PLEASE,PLEASE COME HELP YOUR MOTHER!! I WILL BAKE YOU COOKIES :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wishing all a blissful Sunday! Peace and relaxation, Ahhhhhhh :)