Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Dream ..

Through all of this hard work, and myself at times having a piss poor attitude about the physical labor involved, I never knew how much I would enjoy and cherish somebody's dream. The dream was that of my husbands. A dream he had to have a sanctuary that seemed far away from the world around us, with a waterfall, a running stream and a beautiful large pond. A secret, secluded and peaceful place for family and friends to escape from the stresses that can occur from our day to day life. I had the morning to myself, something that is very rare for me lately. I decided I would take a early morning walk down to our pond. While I was waiting for daybreak I brewed a fresh pot of coffee. MMMMMMMMMMM, I love that smell! Walking down the path, I take my first break by the Waterfall. It is so peaceful.. A few weeks ago,I rescued some distressed ground cover from the nursery and it seems to be doing quite well near the waterfall. I am very optimistic that next spring it will flourish.
The stream is ever so magical. In the spring, I plan to add some plantings along the the streams edge.

Meandering along the path beside the stream, my eyes glance up and with a gasp I am taken by the beauty of the pond. I cant help but feel the tranquility that surrounds me.. I hadn't realized until this moment that My Husbands dream and hard work was a special gift for his family and friends to enjoy.

We were not going to get any plants for the pond until the spring, as the cool Autumn months are quickly approaching. However, we couldn't stand it, we had to pick up a few waterlilies..

and cattails (I call them toolies).

A view of the stream emptying into the pond...

There is still much to do this fall.. we have our mighty little dog Lizzy, working hard along with us. She is digging a trench for the power that will run down to our sanctuary. We have much bark to lay and a few shrubs to plant before the first snowfall and in the state of Utah that can be at anytime.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful morning with me...


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Oh my, it just turned out fantastic! Wow! I have been watching your progress from the beginning and it has been amazing to see the progress. To see it coming to an end finally is so exciting and I love to hear how much it has paid off for you and your family. Now as each year comes and the palnts fill in, it will only get better and better. Congratulations, you deserve it.

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Thank you Tammy :) We love it! This winter I am going to try my hand with outdoor sculptures. I would like to do these on a life size scale. So I think my first piece will be a beaver.
Tammy, I now know where Alpine is.. I went to Cabela's the other day and by golly its in that area. I live about an hour and twenty minutes north.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Designs By CK said...

Looks GREAT...that looks like it was a project! '-)

Popping in to say hello & enjoy your weekend! :-)


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Diane! What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your sweet and tranquil morning with us! Your pond looks so magical! I could just hear the waterfall from here! So glad Lizzy is helping you with the digging! How cute is that! Thanks also for coming to visit! I really appreciate your touching comment about our collaboration! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi again, I knew you were close. If I am down there and have some time, I would love to come see your pond. I just love gardens and your pond is just sensational. I think the sculpture idea is a great one. You are one talented and hard working lady. If there is a trip in the works I'll let you know ahead of time. By the way love the bat! Tammy