I think that I enjoy creating a piece of art for a swap partner, more so then creating a piece of art to sell. I have participated in only a handful of swaps. Each time, I have found it to be totally fulfilling to the heart and soul.
An e-bay group that I belong to, AHQU ( Artistic Halloween Queens Unite) Was having a Halloween Ornie Swap. I just couldn't resist the sweet temptation to join. The gal who would be receiving an ornie from me, is the talented Jamie from Peach Street Primitives. . She received her ornie today, so it is safe to show you the pic. Well... To be honest, I had to wait for Jamie to take a pic because I was so excited to send her the ornie, that I plum forgot to take one. I like the way Jamie takes pics anyhow :)
This is a Bat girl ornie. I created her using a banana gourd, paper clay and glitter. She was so much fun to create and I loved the way she turned out!
Can't Wait for another swap!


That is just clever! Well done!
Soggy Dog said…
Ohhhh..I love her... :) - Kim
Georgina said…
just too it. Have you been to Zan Asha's site...having a swap there...make a doll that reflects what scared you when you were a child...something that lived under your bed or, fun, fun.

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