Monday, September 14, 2009


I think that I enjoy creating a piece of art for a swap partner, more so then creating a piece of art to sell. I have participated in only a handful of swaps. Each time, I have found it to be totally fulfilling to the heart and soul.
An e-bay group that I belong to, AHQU ( Artistic Halloween Queens Unite) Was having a Halloween Ornie Swap. I just couldn't resist the sweet temptation to join. The gal who would be receiving an ornie from me, is the talented Jamie from Peach Street Primitives. . She received her ornie today, so it is safe to show you the pic. Well... To be honest, I had to wait for Jamie to take a pic because I was so excited to send her the ornie, that I plum forgot to take one. I like the way Jamie takes pics anyhow :)
This is a Bat girl ornie. I created her using a banana gourd, paper clay and glitter. She was so much fun to create and I loved the way she turned out!
Can't Wait for another swap!


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

That is just clever! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!!!!!

Soggy Dog said...

Ohhhh..I love her... :) - Kim

Georgina said...

just too it. Have you been to Zan Asha's site...having a swap there...make a doll that reflects what scared you when you were a child...something that lived under your bed or, fun, fun.