Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camping Buddies

Well, to my surprise as I was visiting my families blogs I found these cute pictures of my Grandson Kasen and my Great-Nephew Jace. Now I knew that they had took the boys on their first camping trip and had tons of fun but i didn't know they took pictures. So, I had to steal them for show n' tell.... I guess one way to get a toddler all tuckered out is to go camping. The little guy can barely keep his eyeballs open!

And what's campin' if you don't get a little bit dirty!

Well, I guess it takes a little bit more then campin' to tire Jace out! He is diggin' the dirt though...

Well, it didn't take long to find the tub once they got home and the ice cream truck :)
Jace and Kasen are second cousins and best little buds. I think it is so great that they have the opportunity to grow up and explore new fun filled adventures together.
And very, very soon my niece will be visiting from Florida with her son Dillon. It Will be wonderful to see all the baby boys playing together.

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Mandi said...

Mom, I love this post.. Yes, it is great that the boys get to grow up together! And Jayda wont be without a girl cousin here shortly :) I love you!