Celebrating the 4th of July

4th of July fun packs for the youngsters.

Uncle Barney's & Aunt Linda's Famous BBQ Hamburgers.


Son-in-law Rob and I playing a serious game.

Kasen's first sparkler.

Barney and Linda watching mom with her 72nd sparkler.

Linda, concentrating :) Her and I were the Undefeated CHAMPS!

Tiffy, hoping like heck she wont go into labor today!

My Mama (alias, Granny) Relaxing..

Not for long... Chris takes granny for a ride for a front row view of the fireworks!

The boys cant resist lighting a few before the big show.

Pretty cool...

Jazz, loooooves sparklers, we crowned her the sparkler Queen!

Ahhhh, they begin...

Happy Independence Day!


Sarah said…
Ohhhhhh wonderful, wonderful shots!! I felt like I was there!! Thank you!!
Mandi said…
What a wonderful time we had =) And those are beautiful pictures! I love you.
Your baby girl,
Sonia ;) said…

Oh girl yall looked like you were having so much fun. Wow...awesome pics...

Sonia xoxo
merelyadream said…
What a great family gathering you had, and the pictures were wonderful!
Happy Belated 4th of July to you too Diane!! =o)

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