Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I really haven't forgot my little Bug & Turtle... in fact, I make a quick trip to the studio to check on them every single day, making sure all is well with the little creatures. As Much as I try to use my time management skills I still haven't made much time for art. My work schedule has changed and I am working more hours at my day job. In my spare time I have been dividing it up with all those chores that come along with Spring and Summer and I have thoroughly enjoyed them at a leisurely pace, taking many breaks to appreciate the beauty around me, and listen to the birds sing their songs.... My daughter Amanda has moved back to town, in fact just down the street.. and I just cant help but to stop in and say hi and visit those grand babies of mine. . Very soon my oldest daughter Tiffanie will be having her first bundle of joy. I am sooo excited :) Amanda and I have been planning her baby shower.. Oh, what fun!!! The shower is scheduled for this coming Sunday, which will be held at one of our lovely and SHADY parks here.
Back to the BUG! Since we last spoke, I have made a little progress with my bug & Turtle... as I sat down in my studio that early morning a few weeks ago.. I realized that I couldn't go any further on the piece until I created the base, as my bug and turtle doll will be secured to the base. So this is what my next step in the creation is... For that texture I am trying to create, I used some natural elements ( Dried Moss and Mica Flakes) saturated in this wonderful Sculptor's Fa-Brick(GREAT STUFF!) It dries rock hard leaving wonderful natural looking texture. I mixed the Mica flakes with the Sculptor's Fa-Brick to make a thick pasty medium. It was an experiment and by golly I just love the way it turned out! So that is a keeper in my experiment book.

This pic here shows the base and where I applied the moss and mica flake mixture. It is all dry and I have since then painted the base. I will show those pics later... But now I want to show you some of my favorite creations..

Here are my two of my three greatest creations. Amanda is the cute gal in the blue she is my youngest daughter, and Tiffanie is the cute gal in the red. As you can see, Tiffy is the one having the the new little bundle of joy in just 6 weeks.
I couldn't ask for better daughters. They are perfect in my eyes..

I found this pic somewhere, awhile back. Aren't they the cutest little birds? I posted this pic because I could hear the birds sing from my window as I was writing this post. What a lovely sound...


Sonia ;) said...

Dianie....You have been busy busy...and with new bundle of joy on its way....Totally understandable...Our day jobs pay the mortgage. Like the base...

Sonia ;)

Gourdqueen said...

What is this STUFF you speak of? I must know and try it!!!

Awwww your girls are beautiful just like their Mom!
I know you can't wait for your new bundle of joy to arrive. That means more sweet neck sugah! Love that neck sugah!!!!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Looks like a new great creation in the works Dianne! Your daughters are beautiful and I am excited for your new grandbaby. Loved the bird pic! Tammy

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello!

Chris (-:

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Gosh, I'm getting sooo excited for the little one. I didn't know being a grandma would be this fun!

Gourdie, this stuff I speak of is simalar to Paverpol but less expensive. I purchased it at the sculpting studio. Awww, thanks for the compliment on my girls :)

Tammy, Thanks for stopping by and for all the great compliments :)

Ck, hello to you and wishing you a great weekend!