Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3 am in the funny little yellow studio..

BEWARE: Sunglasses required! Walking into my studio at 3 AM will certainly will roll your eyelids to the back of your head! You might remember awhile back, I had wanted to give my studio a redo. I was not at all fond of the YELLA paint I had on my walls and that was supposed to be the first to change. However, When I was running my studio makeover ideas by my two daughter's, Miss Tiff and Mandi Moo, they both owed and whoed about my idea of changing the color. They said they really liked the YELLA... SOOoo I decided to keep it! It does kinda grow on ya.. with sunglasses on..lol..

As daylight peeks in through the windows, it lightens the yella, which is totally amazing,energizing and fun. We have been adding pops of whimsical colors here and there and everywhere. I am really trying to get organized, yes I did say organized..as I would like to make space for an easel and little art table for my grandkids.. I'm getting so many of them little bundles of joy and I think they really need a kid friendly art space.. don't ya think?
Oh, but I am only giving you tiny glimpse of the studio for a few good reasons. It is a big ol mess right now for starters and the makeover isn't complete... I know.. it seems lately that I have a lot of in completes...

Okay, a few days ago, I showed you pic's of my bug and turtle.. if you remember It was such a lovely day outside and I thought I would work on him in the beauty of the outdoors. And I did... Just long enough to give the lil' Bug a BUTT! I didn't get far on my creation that gorgeous day, rather I found myself enjoying our creators, Creations that was wrapped all around me...

So, as this post, posts I will be headed to my funny little yellow studio to continue the creation of my Bug and Turtle.. YAY!!!!
and while the clay is drying, I will be working on this. I wont tell you just yet what it is or will be.. first thing is first..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Mother's Day"

I am certainly behind on my posts. I had hoped To wish all the Mother's out there in blog land a Happy Mother's Day, Early Sunday morning..Well, it didn't happen as I became ill the night before with a doozy of a fever which ended up as being strep throat. Heavily medicated with ibuprofen and NyQuil, I muttle my way through 6 L O N G hours of work and came home..
My Husband Alan had arranged a Mothers day BBQ dinner with all my wonderful kids coming over to share the day. Rob, Mandi and Kasen arrived first. Kasen Had a Beautiful bouquet of freshly pick Lilacs. He made a paper cone to put them in that he colored himself.

Rob and Mandi spoiled me with a gift certificate for a Massage. SCREAM!!! I cant wait to get better and go get my massage...ahhhhhh....

Tiff and Chris showed up with this Ice Tea maker!! I've been really wanting one of these babies.
Cant wait to take the ice tea plunge!

Alan had these Paula Deen Pots and pans waiting for me.... Oh, he is so sweet. I've had my eye on these beauties for quite awhile as I was down to 2 pans lol...
Tony came over with a homemade cake with Strawberries and homemade whipped cream! MMMM good! We ate it before I could get pic's...
My Mom, Barney, Linda and kelly Sue stopped by to say hi, They didnt stay to eat as Barney and Kelly Sue had prepared Dinner for Linda and my mom a little earlier.
The BBQ was wonderful as always. My most favorite thing in the whole world is to have dinner with the family all together. It was a lovely day:)

The Renee Award!

I am so honored to have received this award from my friend Linda, The Gourdqueen http://thegourdqueen.blogspot.com/ . I met Linda a few years back when I put my very first piece of art up for sale on E-bay. Since then I have had the great pleasure of knowing her and having her be a great inspiration in my life. She is generous and kind. She has a Wonderfully Witty sense of humor that can brighten my gloomiest day. Oh, and did I mention? Linda is the QUEEN of GOURDS! Thank you Linda for this lovely award! The Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honor of their friend Renee http://circlingmyhead.blogspot.com/. In Bella's own words "this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it's way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns..." You are to choose 8 other people to receive this award.

Renee's blog is beautiful, just as I imagine her to be. She shares so much and it is easy to get lost there for hours.

I would like to share this award with some very special people who have inspired me and have touched my heart in so many ways..

1. Kasen http://kasensjournal.blogspot.com/ Despite his many pokes and prods and medical tests, Kasen is a courageous little fellow, always sporting a great BIG SMILE!

2. Mandi http://supermommandi.blogspot.com/ A beautiful, strong and courageous girl, who has battled more then many..

3. Linda http://lindashomesweethome.blogspot.com/ One of the warmest people I know. My friend and sister in law.

4. Jody http://tumbleweedtrails.blogspot.com/ A strong, courageous and wonderful lady..

5. Kari http://parkerandkari.blogspot.com/ A single mother of my grandson. I admirer Kari for her strength, accomplishments and the incredible way she has raised Parker ..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bugs and Turtles..

With all the yard cleanup that comes along with beautiful Spring, I haven't had much time to spend in my studio. It seems like an eternity since I've had my hands in clay... Today seems to be a brilliant day to pick up where I left off, only I think I will enjoy sculpting outside and take advantage of the fresh spring air.
This little feller you see pictured here is my lil' bug. He is highly noted for his spectacular roses. His dearest friend ( and little helper) is Tilly the Turtle. Together, they watch over and grow the most beautiful roses...
Although my next few pictures are a bit blurry( I'm sure your not surprised), you can still see the sweet disposition of this lil' bug..

Lil' Bug is one proud rose keeper!
I am very tickled the way he is turning out. For quite awhile now I have wanted to evolve from gourds and ornaments into "OOAK" doll making. I have always loved dolls but was a bit intimidated with making them.

Ahhh, here is Tilly Turtle.. He's a cute little booger!
I hope you will check back for to see Lil'Bug's and Tilly the Turtles progress.