Mother Nature says...

Spring clean-up is on HOLD!

I was really looking forward to getting started on my spring clean-up while I had a few days off. However, Mother Nature had different plans... At first I was a bit perturbed! But, then I went outside with my hot cup of coffee and noticed how beautiful the Spring Snow really is...

The snowflakes are huge, twirling and dancing their way to the newly green grass...

My bright spring yellow forsythia bush looks magical against the backdrop of fresh fallen snow...


Sarah said…
Diane - I mortified - I went back and looked at my blog and realized in all my posting and stess that I had put the wrong link and name on my thank you for your wonderful ornie!! So sorry - I fixed it.
ACkkkkkk forgive me!!!
Hi Diane! I love that second shot! Looks so magical! Thanks for sharing! Hope the spring clean-up for you is light and speedy!

Lisa :)
Sonia ;) said…
How wonderful, the pictures and father winter saying his last goodbye till next year.

I posted the pics of ornament, love it

Sonia ;)
Sonia ;) said…
I posted my First 5.....I am scared stiff......OMG..

Sonia ;) said…
hi Dianne ..

it was snowing last thursday..
75 & gorgeous today..
love your work
mona & the girls
Bonnie said…
Beautiful pictures of Mother Nature playing with the weather.
Georgina said…

I would be soo pissed!!! Snow this time of year...oh yea, forgot I live in the desert!! LOL Although, stranger things have happened here.

Just want to say "hello" and move on to Kasen's blog. What a sweetheart. I have 3 little grandies and waiting for a 4th...aren't they just the best!!


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