Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello Spring!

I think it is safe to say (or maybe I'm in denial?) That the snow is behind us here in Utah.. Yeah, I know.. the Utahn's reading this would agree I'm in denial! LOL...

We moved to our little paradise four years ago. Actually to be precise, on my 40th birthday! What a great present :)

Alan and I looked at many,many homes when we were looking to buy. When we looked at this one we just knew it was the one. The yard was all done with a basic, yet quaint landscape. EXCEPT, for the lower level in the back yard... The picture you see is what we call the lower level. This pic was taken the other day by my husband and this is where we are on landscaping after 4 years. It is far from completion and will be our spring/summer hobby for many years to come... It is however a great accomplishment for our eyes when we look down at the lower level because, when we started it was a field of weeds and the remnants of an old creek bed that used to run through before I was a twinkle in my mom's eye. Just one Big Rocky creek bed.. and a lot a weeds...sigh...

Being on a limited budget and having such a large area to cover we knew this would have to be landscaped the old fashioned way.. with a Wheelbarrow and a shovel.. I must tell you , my husband did most of the work. Removing rock (lots of Rock) leveling,planting grass. We did have a backhoe come in and dig the ground for our large pond and stream. We have planted 16 trees and 8 bushes many being gifts from our kids.

This Spring/Summer season Alan and I hope to really get much accomplished and if all goes well maybe we will even get our pond in.. I'm crossing my fingers.

I will be posting pic's of our progress along the way.


merelyadream said...

Wow Diane,
I remember you posting a picture a year or two ago. It has come along way already! :)
You will have to show some more pictures after summer

Sarah said...

Oh what a huge and lovely yard Diane!! I can't wait to see what it looks like in a month or so!!!
As for the denial - I'm in N. Idaho and am thinking - we just might squeek by - hope, hope,hope sooooo. K I'm in denial too - lol.

idrawpix said...

Dianie, I fully understand the yearning to get out there in the dirt and coax Spring along.
Please show us some pictures all year round of your progress!


Sonia ;) said...

How wonderful of a yard you have...cant wait to see the results of hard labor......LOVE MY surprise...had to say it again..


Sonia ;)

Light and Shadow Studio said...

That looks wonderful Diane! I hope you'll post more pics when it all greens up? Did I tell you my mom lives in Alpine? So I know your weather and struggles. She loves to garden too. You are a zone or two warmer than here and I drool over the things you can grow and I can't. Like peaches! Good luck getting it all finished.