Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's A Village Shoppe Give-A-Way!

I just had to tell you all about Lori's Give-A-Way at the Village Gift Shoppe! This is a pure magical little Shoppe where you can find the loveliest gifts! Hey, Mother's Day is coming up :) !!
AND... Lori is having a wonderful give-a-way.. to check it out just click on this link..

A New Chapter..

I love pics of old things.. I thought these few pics would be appropriate for my story.. well, it's kinda just a story of my thoughts and feelings.. If you cant tell, these are pics of old Wonder bread trucks.. they delivered many a bread in the years past.. for 20 years my husband worked for a large retail store.. That is where I met him.. yeah, he was my boss.. an irresistible one at that.. After 20 years my hubby decided to make a career change.. You guessed it.. he's a Wonder Man!!( I already knew that)
He is adjusting quite well and he loves it! He has been putting in long hours for training, I did say LONG right? And he still comes home with a beaming smile:)Well, then there is me.. I love and support his decision in fact i think its a great one but I am stumbling on what to do with myself and the change. We have always spent many hours together, supporting the same routine for many years.. a lovingly( I had to add lovingly) prepared lunch at 1:30 eaten while watching something on the Sci-fi channel, followed by a little cat nap and finally working side by side creating art work. We could sit in my studio for hours creating new masterpieces while enjoying each others company..
With Alan's longer hours he hasn't been able to spend time in the studio and I have felt a wee bit lost, maybe bumping into walls like a pinball machine would indicate a LOT lost.. lol... I'm not sure what to do with myself? I go to my studio and can't get into the artsy groove, I think its because my best friends chair is empty:(
After much pondering and wondering aimlessly through the house I came to realize that life is always changing, We have entered a new chapter in our lives and with that our routines have changed... I did however buy a TV to talk to me in the studio, it's not the same as my best friend but it does make up for the silence..
Well, Thanks for listening!!! Today is my sweeties day off and it's mine too.. I'm going to go give him a mornin kiss and hug.. the skies are gorgeous here.. maybe we will work in the yard together..and later go to the studio..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother Nature says...

Spring clean-up is on HOLD!

I was really looking forward to getting started on my spring clean-up while I had a few days off. However, Mother Nature had different plans... At first I was a bit perturbed! But, then I went outside with my hot cup of coffee and noticed how beautiful the Spring Snow really is...

The snowflakes are huge, twirling and dancing their way to the newly green grass...

My bright spring yellow forsythia bush looks magical against the backdrop of fresh fallen snow...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello Spring!

I think it is safe to say (or maybe I'm in denial?) That the snow is behind us here in Utah.. Yeah, I know.. the Utahn's reading this would agree I'm in denial! LOL...

We moved to our little paradise four years ago. Actually to be precise, on my 40th birthday! What a great present :)

Alan and I looked at many,many homes when we were looking to buy. When we looked at this one we just knew it was the one. The yard was all done with a basic, yet quaint landscape. EXCEPT, for the lower level in the back yard... The picture you see is what we call the lower level. This pic was taken the other day by my husband and this is where we are on landscaping after 4 years. It is far from completion and will be our spring/summer hobby for many years to come... It is however a great accomplishment for our eyes when we look down at the lower level because, when we started it was a field of weeds and the remnants of an old creek bed that used to run through before I was a twinkle in my mom's eye. Just one Big Rocky creek bed.. and a lot a weeds...sigh...

Being on a limited budget and having such a large area to cover we knew this would have to be landscaped the old fashioned way.. with a Wheelbarrow and a shovel.. I must tell you , my husband did most of the work. Removing rock (lots of Rock) leveling,planting grass. We did have a backhoe come in and dig the ground for our large pond and stream. We have planted 16 trees and 8 bushes many being gifts from our kids.

This Spring/Summer season Alan and I hope to really get much accomplished and if all goes well maybe we will even get our pond in.. I'm crossing my fingers.

I will be posting pic's of our progress along the way.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

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