Friday, March 13, 2009

I am looking sooo forward to next weekend. I am going to see Kari and my Grandson Parker, and.. their brand new HOUSE! Kari has worked very,very hard over the years and has made many a sacrifice. She and Parker so much deserve this.
Parkers Great Granny Carolyn, Aunt Tiff and Aunt Amanda, along with his cousins Jasmine and Kasen will be going as well.. Are you Ready for all of us? lol..... I did text you right?

I am doubly excited because it has been awhile since we have gotten together. We have both had hectic work schedules and well, yes I do have a sort of a phobia of driving very far outta town by myself. I know that sounds strange, and it is .. I used to keep it a secret.. but the cats outta the bag now. Anyways, Great Granny Carolyn (My Mama) will be driving and everything will be A- Okay.

I want to take a house warming surprise for Kari and one for Park! HMMMMMM!!!!!
Kari has great taste, and is a Fabulous decorator. Hmmmmm!!!! I wonder?

Parker has about every toy a boy could want And I have a great time playing with all of them! In fact, the last time I was there, we played the Wii oh my gosh was that fun! And Oh My Gosh was I sore the next day. Ol' granny Diane has an idea for Parker..Hmmmm!!! What could it be? We will have too see:)


Kari and Parker said...

I dont think I got the confirmation text.. BUT WE ARE SO EXCITED for ALL OF YOU TO COME VISIT!!! Let me know what time.. and we will be ready!! We should have another Wii challenge...we did get the Wii Fit!! (its fun) I am so excited for you guys to come down, its been a while...we miss seeing you...I hate work schedules!!! No need for a house warming gift, you guys coming is all we could ever want!! We are EXCITED!!!!!! (now if his dad was coming that would be the cherry on the top..Parker would love it.)

P.S- thanks for the nice post, you are a great friend and granny to us.. you mean so much to both of us. we love you!

Lisa Gatz said...

Any time to go visit a grandson is cause for excitement!

I used to have a terrible phobia of driving far away. I'm not too bad any more.

Yay for you and your visit!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Diane, I hope you have a wonderful trip and loads of fun. Aren't grandchildren the best?! I have a phobia of flying so my heart goes out to ya! And since the accident, I'm having mini panic attacks everytime we get in the little blue car. I don't feel I empathize and wish you a safe and fun journey.


Designs By CK said...

Happy St. Patrick's day Diane!

PS: Stop over & see me sometime.

SpOOky Cheers!
Chris (-: